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AJ-CX4000 4K HDR ENG Shoulder-Mount Camera

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AJ-CX4000GJ $25,000 MSRP | Camera Body

Product details

New generation camera designed for the professionals capturing news, sports, live events, TV shows, documentaries & more. The CX4000 delivers an impressive 4K HDR image for recording and provides advanced networking functions for reliable broadcast / livestreaming / NDI-based video productions. Ergonomically optimized for the camera operator and an enhanced workflow for the editor makes the CX4000 the ideal choice for the entire video production team.

Key features

  • 4K HDR video recording & support for SD / microP2 / expressP2 card recording
  • 4K/ UHD 60p 10-bit 4:2:2 output via 12G-SDI
  • B4 lens mount for interchangeable 2/3" lenses, features optical magnifying system
  • Direct livestreaming compatible with RTSP / RTMP / RTMPS
  • Ergonomically designed shoulder mount optimized for news, documentary and sports coverage
  • AVC-Ultra
  • 4k Professional HDR (Gold)
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Specification Description
Network Connectivity HD live streaming via "Direct Streaming" function. Compatible with RTSP, RTMP, and RTMPS. The LAN terminal, equipped with a lock mechanism (1000BASE-T compatibility) supports NDI|HX connectivity.

Professional Camera Color Matching Service & Training

Panasonic Camera Color Matching for Multicam or Multicamera Video Productions with camera Shading Looks LUTS Scene Files Service and Training


  • How can I upgrade my camera with NDI?

    To upgrade your current PRO PTZ camera or camcorder with NDI|HX, you can purchase a license directly from Newtek. This license will allow NDI compatible PRO PTZ cameras or camcorders to serve as a live video inputs for any NDI® compatible hardware or software from anywhere on your network.

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  • Is an extended warranty available for this product?

    This product comes with the option to upgrade to Panasonic Pro Protection, a service program that offers enhanced service and support coverage for up to 5 years. This service must be purchased at the time of the product purchase and is only available through Authorized Panasonic Resellers in the United States.

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AJ-CX4000: Leading the ENG Broadcast Camera Revolution

The AJ-CX4000 4K HDR ENG camera responds to the evolving needs of the professional broadcast industry, delivering high-quality imaging performance and advanced workflow compatibility, while retaining a broadcast-standard B4 lens mount and a comfortable shoulder-mount design. As the newest model in the CX Series camera lineup, the CX4000 offers many of the same features and formats of the AG-CX350 handheld camcorder, and its larger shoulder-mount form factor allows it to incorporate the breakthrough imaging innovations, such as LSSIEL technology, found in the AK-UC4000 studio camera.

The fusion of high-quality 4K HDR video sensor performance, ISO recording ability, IP connectivity, and field-tested reliability make the AJ-CX4000 an ideal camcorder for use in a variety of industries. Whether being used for ENG, out in the field to deliver a live remote news broadcast, in a theater for live streaming a concert to YouTube Live, on a remote island to record footage for a reality TV show, or in a stadium to capture a sporting event for a documentary, the versatile CX4000 ENG camera can handle it all.

4K Sensor with Advanced Imaging Technology

Equipped with a large 11.14 megapixel MOS sensor, the AJ-CX4000 achieves 2000 horizontal TV lines with oversampling. In addition, it offers high-quality 4K pictures with low noise, wide dynamic range, dual native ISO technology for superb low light performance, and high sensitivity of F10 (59.94 Hz) / F11 (50 Hz) in High Sensitivity mode.

Interchangeable B4 Lens Support with LSSIEL Technology for Better 4K/HDR Video Quality

The proprietary optical magnifying system has enabled the use of broadcast-standard B4 lenses with a large sensor, while retaining the deep depth of field of 2/3" lenses.

The AJ-CX4000, like it's AK-UC4000 studio camera counterpart, utilizes the revolutionary LSSIEL technology. With LSSIEL, 2/3" lenses can be used on the camera without the need for an external adaptor. The internal lens has been specially designed for large sensors, ensuring high-video quality. Like the UC4000, the CX4000 also utilizes a large format sensor. This allows the camera to realize high-definition resolution, high-sensitivity, low-noise and a wide dynamic range.

Learn About LSSIEL

Brilliant HDR (High Dynamic Range)

The AJ-CX4000 features HLG (Hybrid Log-Gamma)1 for recording HDR (High Dynamic Range) video and is equipped with the following HLG recording assist functions:

  • SDR Monitoring Gamma: Gamma curves for monitoring HLG images with the SDR viewfinder or other SDR monitor
  • HDR/SDR Parallel Output: Dual SDI can output both HDR and SDR simultaneously
  • VF/LCD HDR/SDR Selector: Assignable to the USER button for easy switching between HDR and SDR even during recording
  • Eight mode Gamma: Select from HD/SD/FILMLIKE 1/FILMLIKE 2/FILMLIKE 3/FILM-REC/VIDEO-REC/HLG gamma curves

0.005 lx of Minimum Illumination

The AJ-CX4000 achieves high sensitivity with DS gain. Combined with master gain, this enables a maximum +76 dB,2 for ultra-high sensitive recording at a minimum subject illumination of 0.005 lx.

12G-SDI OUT Compatible with 4K 10-Bit 4:2:2 Output

The standard 12G-SDI output terminal delivers high-image-quality UHD 60p (50p) 10-bit 4:2:2 output. Also provided are XLR audio input (2CH) terminals compatible with +48-V phantom power supply as well as HDMI OUT, TC IN/TC OUT, GENLOCK IN, USB3.0 (DEVICE) and USB2.0 (HOST, wireless module) terminals.

Reliable Media Recording via expressP2, microP2 & SDXC Cards

The AJ-CX4000 is equipped with 1 x expressP2 card slot and 2 x microP2 / SDXC card slots. ExpressP2 cards are recommended for applications that require highly-reliable storage media, 4K large-data recording and high-speed footage offloading. MicroP2 / SDXC cards are an economical choice and provide additional recording options. With the dual microP2 card slots, unlimited relay recording3 and simultaneous recording options are available for enhanced recording reliability. Additionally, pre-REC, interval REC and metadata recording functions are available.

Recording Formats

Industry Standard Recording Formats / Editing Software Support

The AJ-CX4000 is capable of recording in various formats at different compression rates, such as HEVC and MOV/P2 MXF4 file formats.

Using the new, high-efficiency codec, HEVC (H.265, LongGOP, 10-bit, 4:2:0, MOV), the CX4000 records high-quality 4K 10-bit images at low, 100-Mbps bit-rates. Free software, such as the VLC Media Player or QuickTime Player, provide smooth video playback on a PC, laptop or MacBook5.

The CX4000 records MOV files that are highly compatible and easy to use. This file format is the same as that used on Panasonic's EVA1 cinema camera / AG-CX350 camcorder and supports long file names with up to 20 characters, allowing simplified video clip management. And it supports the MXF P2 file format for broadcasting, enabling AVC-Intra or AVC-LongG HD recording.

NLE System Support

Super-Fast Media Offload

Using the AU-XPD3 Thunderbolt 3 drive in conjunction with B-series expressP2 cards, media offload is faster than ever. Six hours of 4K (HEVC100) content can be offloaded in just five minutes!

Network Connectivity with LAN

The AJ-CX4000 features a built-in LAN terminal with a lock mechanism, enabling reliable network connectivity and IP remote control.

Camcorder for the NDI Ecosystem

There is an optional NDI|HX6 upgrade available for the AJ-CX4000 shoulder-mount camera, making it available as an NDI video source for use with NDI compatible switchers such as the AV-HLC100 Stream Studio, Tricaster devices and software-based switchers such as VMIX and others. NDI|HX mode allows video transmission and camera control via IP connection without using an external converter. When connected to an NDI video switcher system, along with Panasonic PRO PTZ robotic cameras, the CX4000 becomes an integral part of end-to-end live event video productions and live streaming workflows.

NDI|HX Activation

Livestream Directly to YouTube / Facebook Live

Livestreaming7 HD video directly to YouTube, Facebook Live, and other streaming services is easier than ever with the RTSP, RTMP, and RTMPS protocol support8 of the AJ-CX4000 camera. The CX4000 also supports multicast streaming for streaming to multiple destinations, as well as simultaneous streaming and recording.

Confirmed Platforms

Professional Camera Features for Professional Applications

The CX4000 provides professional shooting assist functions and capabilities, including:

  • Broadcast: Genlock and Timecode in/out
  • Two Optical Filters: ND and CC, have four positions each 
  • Chromatic Aberration Compensation: The small amount of circumjacent chromatic aberration is compensated
  • Dynamic Range Stretcher: Suppresses blocked shadows and blown highlights to achieve a visually wide dynamic range 
  • Advanced FBC: High-precision flash band compensation
  • Digital Zoom: 2x/3x/4x digital zoom boost
  • Focus Assist: “Expand”, “Peaking” and “Focus Square”
  • Shockless AWB: A smooth transition occurs when switching white balance. It is also equipped with an auto tracking white function
  • WFM/Vectorscope: Simplified display on LCD and VF
  • High-Brightness Zebra Display: The zebra pattern can be displayed in white-out areas of the viewfinder image
  • Y-GET: Measures brightness at center and displays numerical data
  • Lens Files: Stores settings for interchangeable lenses
  • Setup Files: It makes color setting easier for multiple cameras
  • Mode Check: Displays a list of the camera settings on VF and LCD
  • Rec Check: This lets you run a quick playback check of the clip-end
  • User Buttons: Functions can be freely allocated to the five User buttons

24-bit Four Channel Audio Recording

24-bit/48 kHz four channel digital audio recording is supported by the AJ-CX40009. The audio source for each channel can be selected for each channel, choosing from mic-in, line-in and a wireless receiver.

Screens & Controls Optimized for the Camera Operator

The AJ-CX4000 features a 3.5" HD color touch panel LCD viewfinder with approximately 2.76 million pixels, allowing for high-definition color monitoring. In addition, the touch panel makes it easy to operate the camera menu.

The CX4000 camera also has a 2.4" black-and-white organic EL display which offers high brightness and clearly shows the status information, such as the timecode and audio input levels, even in outdoor environments.

Ergonomic Camera Design

The AJ-CX4000 camera features an HD LCD monitor for improved outdoor visibility and four times the number of pixels of standard definition monitors. Paired with an ergonomically designed shoulder-mount and engineered for proper weight balance, the CX4000 has been field-tested to ensure comfortable sustained use for long periods of time.

Wireless Camera Control App

To simplify camera operation, the AJ-CX4000 can be controlled remotely and wirelessly using a smartphone or tablet via the free CX ROP app10. This app displays camera information and allows the user to adjust camera settings. The settings are easy to view and the UI is optimized for touchscreen operation. The app is also equipped with a wealth of remote functions for output signal selection, setting USER buttons, REC start/stop and many others. What's more, the app can be used to select the camera to control from up to eight other cameras (AJ-CX4000 / AG-CX350). The CX ROP app is available for download from the App Store or Google Play.

Download App

Industry-Standard Accessory Compatibility

Accessorizing the AJ-CX4000 is made simple with integrated standard mounting points and connections.

Rental & Staging Ready

The robust camera-body design with magnesium die-cast chassis gives this camera the durability required for longevity in a rental house fleet. With versatile workflows, accessory options and field-proven reliability, the AJ-CX4000 can be counted on to meet and exceed customer needs. With the ability to switch camera frequency, the camera can be used on assignments in the United States or shipped for use on international projects. Ready to add the CX4000 to your rental camera fleet? Reach out to a Panasonic video production expert to put it to the test!

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All product specifications, availability, and pricing are subject to change without notice. Images may be simulated for demonstration purposes. NDI®: Network Device Interface, a technology of NewTek, Inc.. The Apple App Store and iPad are service marks or trademarks of Apple Inc. registered in the United States and other countries.


1 The HLG specification was developed jointly by Japanese broadcaster NHK and the BBC in the UK. It is defined in ARIB STD-B67 and ITU-R BT.2100. 2 With super gain set at F1.4, +42 dB and digital super gain (cumulative mode) at +34 dB. 3 If the Relay recording time reaches 10 hours, shooting will temporarily stop, and then automatically restart a few seconds later. If it is recorded in MOV format, the file will be split every 3 hours and recorded. For memory card usage conditions, see the “Recording Media” chart. Conventional P2 cards cannot be used. 4 AVC-Intra200/100/50 codec will be supported in the future with the firmware upgrade. 5 Playback may lack smoothness depending on the PC environment, such as storage and memory devices. 6 Recording, streaming and 4K output are not available when using NDI|HX mode. To use this function, an activation license purchase is required. 7 There are some conditions under which streaming is not possible, such as when recording in UHD format or using NDI|HX mode. 8 The P2 Network Setting Software is convenient for setting up the RTMP and RTMPS functions.  9 The audio signal can be played back by using 24-bit digital audio equipment. For details, refer to the documentation provided in the "Resources" section. 10 Wireless module (sold separately; AJ-WM50, AJ-WM50G or recommended third-party Wi-Fi dongle) is required. iPad: iOS 9 or later is supported. Android devices: Android 5.0 or later are supported.