Connecting the business and pleasure of flying

Take-off to touch-down, airlines are focused on delivering better passenger experiences and enhanced operational efficiency. Our avionics solutions address both through leading-edge technology.

Elevating efficiency everywhere along the journey

Avionics is perhaps one of the most complex industries – with countless moving parts, variables like fuel costs and different factors that can’t be controlled, and a captive audience with increasingly high expectations.

To solve these real-world challenges, we’ve partnered with over 300 airlines and suppliers at numerous phases of air travel, enhancing life for millions of passengers and streamlining operations daily.

1.3 billion passengers interact with our IFEC solutions each year

Innovation is in the air

Once upon a time, Inflight Entertainment (IFE) meant a screen on the back of a seat. But today, passengers want more than just basic entertainment – they want connectivity without constraints, including access to live TV, onboard integration with their own devices, and personalized inflight services.

To meet these needs and turn air travelers into happy campers, we’ve developed a platform that integrates an onboard network with passengers’ devices. By creating apps that integrate seamlessly with our open, Android-certified platform, airlines and third parties can create unique passenger experiences that shape the face of their brand and win customer loyalty in exciting new ways.

At the same time, airlines can improve the inflight experience by keeping passengers connected to their lives below – via email, text, mobile phone calls and social media – with solutions that offer connectivity during 99.6% of flight hours.

Heading off aviation maintenance issues

Naturally, every airline wants to reduce flight downtime. Using early detection data from our onboard tools, ground crews can execute repairs with less guesswork, and ensure needed parts are ready and waiting. What’s more, performance measurement tools provide insights into future reliability – for an individual aircraft, specific route or an entire fleet – enabling airlines to perform proactive maintenance.

Unparalleled global support

This is yet another area where our vast expertise and dedication to an industry truly pays off. We’ve created the largest line maintenance and repair network in the world for Inflight Entertainment and Communications (IFEC) with more than 60 locations worldwide. And it all runs on our innovative connectivity backbone, monitored 24/7 from our Mission Control Center.

Together with our forward-thinking airline partners, we’re working continuously to make air travel safer, more enjoyable and more efficient.

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Take in-depth look at how our aircraft technology is enhancing the passenger experience and increasing operational efficiency.

Making the skies more profitable

Making the skies more profitable

Using our industry-leading inflight marketing solution, you can deliver highly targeted services that keep passengers immersed in retail therapy, destination services and other revenue generators. Beyond that, we can help you increase engagement, building a value-add relationship that creates brand advocates.


New study available for download

We recently conducted proprietary research with more than 400 technology decision makers in North America, across 13 industries – including Aviation.

Most companies say it’s riskier to adopt technologies too late rather than too soon. Though Aviation has been more aggressive than most industries in adopting disruptive technologies, the sector still faces earnings and growth challenges.

Download our study to see the full impact of disruptive technologies on your industry. You’ll read how some companies are already using technology to disrupt barriers like differentiation between competitors in Aviation and how they plan to more deeply engage passengers while still operating within tight budgets.