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For us, the customer journey is everything. That’s why we strive to create experiences that exceed expectations daily.

More quality time in the air

How can you ensure passengers are truly enjoying their inflight experience, not merely enduring it? Today, it's all about satisfying their digital needs. That means replicating the experiences they’re accustomed to on the ground, such as high-speed access to personalized content through the cloud. But it also means providing unique offerings that make air travel more special.

With our expertise in digital transformation, Panasonic has everything you need to keep passengers happy and turn them into higher-value customers – all while operating more efficiently and increasing revenue.

Why Panasonic

Learn more about our disruptive technologies for Avionics

What’s next for the avionics industry? How is Panasonic reinventing the flying experience for both passengers and airlines? Get the answers in our five-minute eBook. Or get a more in-depth view at the Panasonic Avionics website.

Reinventing how it feels to fly

Every year, 2.7 billion passengers use Panasonic Avionics solutions. Our goal is to ensure that each and every interaction with our technology surprises and delights. As the world’s leading IFEC supplier, we’re pushing inflight entertainment into new territory, but we’re not stopping there. In virtually every part of air travel, our services and solutions are enhancing operations with disruptive innovations, making us a valued technology partner to hundreds of airlines.

Enhancing the passenger experience

Better travel starts with a better digital experience. We deliver it, and enhance passenger loyalty along the way, by turning IFEC systems into personalized digital hubs. Passengers can take advantage of a multi-platform, omnichannel experience with exclusive entertainment, retail tailored to them and value-added services to more fully engage in their journey. Seamless connectivity and integration make travel a non-stop pleasure with features such as live TV, action-packed gaming and social media to share in the sky.

We haven’t forgotten about passenger comfort either. Panasonic’s wellness services counter the challenges of long flights, managing everything from noise levels to sleep patterns.

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Improving operational efficiencies

Opportunities for greater efficiency are everywhere. More reliable, lighter-weight hardware can lower your costs. Remote deployment of features, configurations and content can streamline your operations. And proactive monitoring and maintenance of your aircraft can head off potential problems. Count on our scale, expertise and forward-thinking approach to keep your airline running at peak efficiency.

Generating business opportunities

We don’t just identify ways to grow and create revenue, we make them actionable. With our ecommerce analytics platform for managing dynamic storefronts, it’s never been easier to differentiate your brand and maximize business opportunities. Our services can give you valuable data insights to drive strategy and optimize pricing, or help you personalize offers based on buying behaviors, destinations or preferences.

Creating a better world

In support of the Jesse Rees Foundation, 2,100 Panasonic Avionics employees stuffed JoyJars® for kids fighting cancer, taking the program worldwide for the first time. Spreading joy gives us joy, and it was a highly moving experience for all involved.