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AJ-CVF70 OLED Viewfinder for ENG/Studio Cameras

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AJ-CVF70GJ $6,300 MSRP

Product details

The AJ-CVF70GJ color viewfinder is equipped with a 0.7 inch color OLED (resolution is approximately 6,220,800 dots), and realizes higher definition, higher contrast ratio, and higher response image display. And the AJ-CVF70GJ is the industry's first viewfinder for ENG equipped with a large-diameter eyepiece equipped with an optical zoom. This allows you to adjust the angle of view for comfortable viewing and use it as focus assist. The AJ-CVF70GJ is almost the same weight and size of the conventional HD viewfinder and supports Panasonic broadcasting and professional camera recorders and studio cameras.

Key features

  • High quality of Full HD (Approx. 6,220,800-dot) resolution with a  0.7 inch OLED panel
  • Higher contrast ratio, pure black and higher response
  • 38mm large-diameter eyepiece with optical zoom lens to adjust the angle of view and focus assist
  • Robust body and same layout of dial and switches as conventional EVF
  • Supports studio camera use: adding Yellow and Amber Tally in the display panel

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