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Redefining the in-vehicle experience

At Panasonic, we're building innovative, reliable and high quality automotive solutions that improve the driving experience.

Panasonic Automotive Systems Co. of America is a premier solutions provider to vehicle manufacturers across the transportation industry spectrum. We’re proud to partner with the world’s leading automakers and set a new standard for the in-cabin sensory experience. Leveraging more than 100 years of technological and manufacturing prowess, we’re working to ensure that our partners’ offerings are quieter, safer and greener.

Our Solutions

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eCockpit & Zonal Technology

Our innovative eCockpit and zonal technology solutions are empowering OEMs to create a safer, healthier and more efficient driving experiences.
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Premium Audio

We're building on decades of award-winning in-car audio expertise to bring studio sound quality to your vehicle, creating a more enjoyable experience for drivers and passengers alike.
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Sound & Voice Innovations

We're elevating in-car sound experiences with innovative technologies that reduce unwanted noise, improve communication within the cabin, and enable hands-free control for drivers.
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Vision & Sensing Technology

Our innovative vision and sensing technologies are allowing drivers to see today’s roads more clearly, increasing safety and improving situational awareness.
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Multiple Voice Assistant Dialogs and Arbitration

In this Voice Interoperability Initiative (VII) white paper, Panasonic and Amazon discuss the benefits of multiple voice assistants on a single device, the importance of unique multi-modal cues while in a dialog with a person, and a voice assistant arbitrator to coordinate voice assistant activation.

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Creating a greener future with electric vehicle (EV) tech

At Panasonic, our mission has always been to develop solutions that can inspire hope for a better future. With that in mind, we're using our expertise to support our partners as they transition to cleaner, more sustainable technologies. Discover how our automotive technologies are being used in EV applications.

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Our commitment to high safety standards

Panasonic is making a conscious investment across the company to reinforce functional safety protocol, a top priority for automotive customers and their end consumers. Discover how we've worked to establish a safety-first culture of innovation and, consequently, achieved ISO 26262 2018, Automotive Safety Integrity Level (ASIL) D process certification from UL.