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Building it cleaner and greener

Smarter building technologies not only enhance the well-being of occupants, they create a healthier planet.

Now is the time for smarter construction technology

Across the industry, construction professionals and homeowners are increasingly aware of the environmental impact that buildings have on our planet and communities. So we’ve pioneered innovative building technologies to make better use of resources, reduce environmental impact and maximize occupant health and productivity.

Some of our technologies, like our solar energy solutions, are widely visible. Others, like our whisper-quiet ventilation systems, are barely noticeable at all. Together, they create a full ecosystem of innovative thinking for the smart homes and cities of tomorrow.

Why Panasonic

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Smarter, healthier, more sustainable building

Today’s homeowners are looking for greater convenience and a healthier environment. In fact, 70% now rate a home’s health as equal to or more important than aesthetics, longevity and cost. At Panasonic, we’re meeting their demands with intelligent ventilation for better indoor air quality, smart home ecosystems for easier living and many other solutions.

We’re also responding to the needs of forward-thinking professionals aiming to construct net-zero buildings, which produce as much energy as they consume. In fact, Panasonic is at the forefront of efforts to make buildings more sustainable and resilient.

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The catalyst for sustainable communities

Building next-generation communities can be a complex endeavor involving many stakeholders. We have decades of experience aligning developers, municipalities and utilities to create public-private partnerships for more sustainable development. Working together, we’re moving toward a brighter future focused on renewable energy production and storage, not to mention smarter mobility, safer communities and digitally integrated entertainment districts.

Our smart city team is behind major development projects in Denver, Atlanta and other cities. Our pioneering tech is also behind Japan's first sustainable smart towns.

Healthy homes start with industry-leading IAQ

Healthy homes start with industry-leading IAQ

Panasonic pioneered energy-efficient and ultra-quiet ventilation. Now, with Cosmos™, our IoT-based environmental system, we’re taking the next leap in indoor air quality (IAQ). By coordinating key functions such as HVAC, air purification and dehumidification, Cosmos™ provides automated IAQ monitoring and management, measuring and adjusting air quality in real time. This is the total package: hardware and software integrated into systems that talk to each other to create a healthier home.

HomeX: The smart home just got smarter

HomeX: The smart home just got smarter

A home is a self-contained community of people with various needs and expectations. HomeX, an integrated lifestyle platform, makes it possible for each household member to enjoy a custom-tailored living experience by coordinating the functions of all IoT appliances, electronics and home systems. The system integrates naturally and intuitively, recognizing family members and adjusting to their preferences. From lighting to HVAC, entertainment to security, HomeX is making home feel a lot more like home.

Reducing pollutants and odors in indoor air and surfaces

Reducing pollutants and odors in indoor air and surfaces

Panasonic’s patented nanoe™X air and surface purification technology operates at a nano-scale. By dispersing OH radicals through the air and deep into fabrics, nanoe™X decreases common odors and pollutants in the indoor environment. As an additional benefit, it has been shown to help retain skin moisture, reducing dryness issues.