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Commercial Appliances

Panasonic Sonic Chef Multi-oven

Efficient. Convenient. Quality.

Our commercial food appliances are designed with value in mind, backed by legendary expertise: our signature Japanese engineering makes your prep quick, your cooking delicious, and your cleanup convenient. We're obsessed with helping you where it counts so that you can create a terrific meal every time.

Commercial Equipment hero

Value in mind

Our products deliver on value, with high capacity at a competitive price point. We’ve created powerful products with the features you need to save time and space: stackable, easy-to-clean and easy to customize with programming.

Chef Matt Rigney

Real chefs, real kitchens

In addition to our strong legacy of engineering, we ensure excellence by having our own chef! Matt Rigney thinks through every detail to create products that work in real kitchens with everyday challenges.

The Sonic Solution: Compact, Versatile, Powerful

The power of agility

COVID-19 has caused unprecedented shifts in the commercial food industry. Our ventless, high power steamers and ovens don't require a water line – transforming even the smallest non-traditional area into a high-volume cooking space. With custom programming and compact, stackable configuration, they are perfect for everything from ghost kitchens and virtual restaurants to grocery chains, school cafeterias and convenience stores.

Panasonic rice cooker
View our full catalog of powerful, efficient commercial microwaves, multi-ovens, and rice cookers.
Sonic Chef multi-oven
A versatile, easy-to-use 1200-watt oven designed for any commercial kitchen, in front of house or back, that needs fast, efficient cooking.
Sonic Steamer
Our programmable commercial microwave steamer ovens hold 2 full-size 4”-deep pans with 16-memory capability, 5 power levels, and 3-stage cooking, with 4 heating elements.