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Ease of procurement and plenty of options

We are proud to support our customers across government with a wide range of programs for our industry leading solutions.

A history of support

Government needs to ensure that they have the best technology at the best price. Panasonic is pleased to work with our partners to offer a multitude of solutions through government contracts for ease of procurement.

Federal government contracts

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state and local

State & education contracts

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Grant support programs

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We have been proud to serve the government for over 20 years with assistance for federal, state and local agencies. We have a broad portfolio of contracts to offer military organizations, law enforcement agencies and government agencies for a vast array of Panasonic products and solutions. 

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Whether you need body worn cameras to help your police force capture evidence, mobile computers to keep warfighters combat ready or eco-technology to smart-proof your municipality, our team has the expertise to help get your project off the ground. 

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We will work with your organization to assess your needs then design a custom program that also works for your budget. Let our knowledgeable consultants help you choose the right technology for your organizations’ goals—with the best acquisition method for your budget.