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A brighter outlook for energy’s future

Technology is changing how energy is created, stored and managed. Our innovations are moving the industry forward.


Adapting to new energy realities

The energy market is quickly evolving as the cost of renewable energy continues to fall. Production is becoming more decentralized. Storage is becoming more common. And “demand-response” pricing, enabled by the flow of data, is helping utilities better align demand for power with the cost to generate and distribute it. Panasonic innovations are behind these and other industry shifts, creating new opportunities for municipalities, utilities, builders, homeowners and major electricity customers, including hyperscale data centers. See how we’re turning the best of our thinking into brighter solutions.

Products & solutions

energy solar panels
Our best-in-class solar panels deliver industry-leading power conversion with a complete 25-year warranty on parts, performance and labor.
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EVERVOLT® home batteries store the surplus power your solar panels produce during the day for use when you need it most.
Public Utilities
Panasonic mobile solutions combine hardware, software and services to help utilities achieve operational excellence in the field or production plant.
Field Services
Improve field service efficiency and customer satisfaction with Panasonic mobile solutions that combine hardware, software and services for successful deployments.

Why Panasonic

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Learn more about our disruptive technologies for Energy & Utilities

How will we achieve our ambitious goal of a carbon energy-free planet? What new innovations in energy technology are we working on today? Get the answers in our five-minute eBook.


Renewing our commitment to a brighter future, daily

As a leader in renewable energy production and storage, we have a long history of meeting ever-changing needs. In fact, for nine straight years, we’ve been one of the world’s leading companies for environmental and social initiatives. With each passing year, our disruptive solutions bring the promise of a carbon energy-free society closer.

For the challenges our world faces, one or two solutions won’t be enough. That’s why we’re committed to delivering entire ecosystems, from solar panels and storage systems to multi-stakeholder partnerships that help cities keep the power flowing sustainably.

69.13 million tons of CO2 reduced due to our products and services in 2019

Vision 2050: Zero carbon energy emissions

We see a time in the near future when we will create more energy than we use, but it will take dedication and hard work to get there. Environment Vision 2050 is our commitment to the planet we all share, and is driven by two major activities: creating a safe and secure society with clean energy technology, and working with businesses aiming for a sustainable society.

*Panasonic, Sustainability Data Book 2019, August 2019

solar panels on roof

The future of solar is taking shape

Solar panels are a big investment and a smart one. That’s why a trusted relationship with your system manufacturer should be given careful consideration. The Panasonic Total Home Energy System ushers in the next generation of residential solar and battery storage.

Our best-in-class EVERVOLT® panels and home batteries work together to generate and store an abundance of clean renewable energy. Stay powered up when the grid goes down. Substantially reduce or completely eliminate your electric bill and enjoy decades of sustainable electricity. It’s good for you and great for Earth.


Collaboration brings better results, quicker

We believe in creating a better life and better world for all who share this planet, and look for strategic partnerships to help make our goals a reality. One example is Denver’s Peña Station sustainable energy district, where we spearheaded an initiative with Xcel Energy and other stakeholders to create Colorado’s first solar micro-grid. The project – which has inspired similar initiatives across the U.S. – helped Xcel modernize and manage its grid with innovative technologies and strengthen resilience for customers and critical loads.

Panasonic has also invested billions of dollars with partners like Tesla and Toyota to accelerate the shift to electric vehicles.


Making hyperscale data centers hyper-efficient

As data continues to proliferate, data centers must uncover new operational efficiencies. We’re helping them make better use of their physical space by integrating lithium-ion battery backup directly into their server racks. By moving away from traditional lead-acid battery banks, which have an extensive footprint, data centers can devote more room to revenue-generating server and storage racks.

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Alternative energy beyond solar

To help achieve our 2050 goal of being carbon energy-free, we continue to explore many promising options for sustainable energy. That’s why you’ll find our R&D groups busy at work on geothermal energy production and hydrogen fuel cell technology. In fact, we’ve already made hydrogen fuel cells available to houses and facilities in Japan, and we are pursuing various initiatives in hydrogen production, storage and utilization. 

*Panasonic, Disruptive Technology Adoption Research, August, 2018


Utility and energy company field workers

As utilities move toward more connected, distributed grids and adopt IoT technologies, their mobile workforces must transform as well. Using rugged mobile devices, utility and energy company field workers will be able to leverage real-time data and better connect with their customers and the grid. Opportunities abound, from installing smart thermostats, to quickly restoring power after outages, to using augmented reality to configure and repair the grid.

Case studies

Generic panasonic image
Discover how a master distillery in Vermont utilized Panasonic solar panels for renewable energy – and bold branding.
Revuloson Banner
With Panasonic solar panels, residents help unique collaborative village practice its eco-friendly values.