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Panasonic Industry

Enabling innovation and building safer, smarter and more sustainable technology

With over 150,000 available part numbers and the technical expertise to create new solutions, Panasonic Industry helps by enabling your innovation and is committed to building better technology that makes the world safer, smarter, and more sustainable - one device at a time. As one of the world's largest electronics manufacturers, we deliver a diverse range of high-quality industrial products and services, powering Fortune 500 companies and providing reliable performance synonymous with the Panasonic brand. Explore how Panasonic Industry can propel your industrial technology forward.

Market Solutions

With over 40 years of manufacturing experience, Panasonic can help you bring your innovations to life, from defining requirements and designing solutions to manufacturing and supplying components. Discover how Panasonic components are powering technologies across a wide array of industries, including automotive, medical devices, smart home applications, 5G and more.

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Automotive & Transportation Solutions

Panasonic provides AEC-Q200 Compliant components to meet the extremely high-quality standards of devices beyond Tier 1 automotive and transportation applications.

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EV Charging Solutions

Contributing to global environmental well-being, Panasonic provides Electronic Components and Devices that cater to EV Charging applications, encompassing charge control, communication, and human interface device needs.

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Medical Solutions

Panasonic electronic components, batteries and devices advance health sensing products ranging from large equipment to portable devices. Panasonic offers highly advanced products for the most complex medical application requirements, whether designed for healthcare, clinical or diagnostic purposes. Explore Panasonic Hospital solution room-by-room here!

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Robotics Solutions

Panasonic components and devices are ideal for many demanding operating conditions and functions of AMRs (Autonomous Mobile Robots) and AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles). Select your robotic application to learn more!

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Smart Home Solutions

Panasonic Industry supplies everything you need to design the next generation of smart home devices, from robotic vacuums to voice-activated speakers. Learn more quickly with our interactive Smart Home application diagram.

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Solar Storage Solutions

Panasonic provides solar storage solutions to capture maximum energy and optimize energy storage, suitable for commercial or residential use. Panasonic product solutions include Relays, Passive Components, Capacitors, Metal Oxide Varistors and more.

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Test & Measurement Solutions

Panasonic develops cutting-edge automation technology to measure and evaluate complex Integrated Circuits' test results quickly. Panasonic components are suitable for IC testers, spectrum analyzers, mainboard applications, amplifier circuits and more. Read more to learn about use case examples.

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Industrial Automation Solutions

Panasonic’s advanced components and expertise in integrated supply chain solutions are helping to build the factories of the future.


Panasonic batteries
Panasonic offers a wide product assortment of rechargeable and non-rechargeable batteries including lithium ion, nickel metal hydride, lead acid, coin, nickel cadmium, lithium and alkaline technologies for almost any application.
There is a Panasonic capacitor solution for every application. Our capacitors redefine quality and performance, from industry-leading polymer capacitors to film capacitors with failsafe metallization technology.
electromechanical components
Enhancing the Human-to-Machine Interface unassumingly throughout the world, Panasonic’s electromechanical components improve device design by providing that "special touch" no matter what the application.
industrial automation components
Panasonic offers a diverse portfolio of products and over 40 years of design expertise to provide integrated solutions that fit into various automation markets such as Automotive, Semiconductor, Packaging and Bio Medical.
Relays and Contactors
We manufacture a broad portfolio of relays and contactors, including Panasonic's exclusive PhotoMOS® semiconductor relays, along with power, signal, automotive and high-frequency relays. Reliable and eco-friendly AC and DC options available.
resistor components
Panasonic offers a broad line of Resistors that include chip Resistors, power, high power, fuse, EMI filters, and arrays and networks for all applications.
Our comprehensive and constantly evolving range of technologies allow design engineers to easily choose and implement the sensor technology best suited for existing and new applications, all from a single, world-class supplier.
wireless connectivity components
Designed with simplicity in mind, Panasonic Wireless Connectivity solutions allow wireless design engineers to quickly extend communication into their feature set without a comprehensive knowledge base of wireless hardware and software design.

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