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The intelligent digital mesh for the mobility ecosystem

Our roadways, and everything that drives on them, are getting smarter. And Panasonic is there every step of the way, leveraging its unique combination of end-to-end expertise to make them even smarter, safer and more efficient.

A legacy of mobility innovation optimized for now

At Panasonic, we’ve been developing intelligent mobility solutions for more than six decades. Now we’re leveraging that experience to be at the forefront of the next big shift in mobility. Our unique combination of software, hardware and advanced analytics expertise provide value and better outcomes for stakeholders and customers in every part of the mobility universe. From connected vehicles and intelligent roadways to the innovations that will become mobility’s next big thing, we’re building smarter, safer ways for people and things to more efficiently navigate our ever-changing world.

Panasonic's intelligent digital mesh for the mobility ecosystem includes Cirrus, OneConnect and NextLab

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Solutions & Offerings

Cirrus by Panasonic
Our Cirrus by Panasonic V2X (Vehicle to Everything) traffic management solution is already revolutionizing mobility with a growing number of DOTs across the country, delivering turnkey deployment solutions and large-scale architecture for SaaS, for more efficient, safer roads.
OneConnect is the world’s most predictive and dynamic connected vehicle platform. Its end-to-end turnkey solution provides drivers and fleet owners with unprecedented control and continuous communication between vehicles, devices and OEMs.
Leveraging our unique combination of digital and physical mobility expertise, NextLab’s mission is to define, build and swiftly bring to market real world innovations that will create safer, more efficient ways to connect people, devices, vehicles, data and places.