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students in Newark work on a science project

Moving forward to create a better community for us all

Panasonic has been a purpose-driven company since its inception over a century ago. Our founder, Konosuke Matsushita, knew that at the core of every successful institution is a giving heart. Mr. Matsushita's business philosophy sparked a legacy of fundamental principles that begin with “Contribution to Society” and end with "Gratitude."

In keeping with these core principles, Panasonic is committed to driving positive change through technology. Our Office of Social Impact & Inclusion is helping to achieve this through employee volunteerism, corporate outreach initiatives and strategic philanthropic investments.

Our mission

Our mission is to address the widespread gap between future tech jobs and education in science, tech, engineering, arts and math (STEAM), especially in underserved communities. We are focused on closing the gap to alleviate inequities in educational access by providing Title I schools with access to STEAM education.

We are focused on strengthening and diversifying the tech talent pipeline. We envision a diverse workforce prepared for the global 21st-century economy.

Current initiatives

Today’s students have a bright future ahead of them. To help them fulfill their potential, we’re investing in programs that prepare them for success in the global 21st century. Discover how Panasonic is making a difference in the lives of young innovators and creators in the communities across North America where we live and work.

Kid Witness News participants pose for a group shot
Kid Witness News is a global student team video production competition that aims to stimulate children's creativity, build communication skills and encourage teamwork through video production.
Million Girls Moonshot
The Million Girls Moonshot initiative aims to provide young girls with the support and resources they need to combat the false narrative around women in STEM and redefine what’s possible.

Past initiatives

Learn about some of our past initiatives aimed at helping students within our local communities.

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We're investing in NBA legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's Camp Skyhook, an immersive outdoor learning experience in the Angeles National Forest that aims to encourage children's interest in STEM.
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To address the lack of computer science education in underserved communities, we're working with the Hispanic Heritage Foundation to launch coding institutes throughout the U.S.
students to science center
The Students 2 Science Newark Technology Center seeks to close the gap in STEM education by offering experiential learning programs that improve students' affinity and aptitude for technical careers.

Employee volunteerism

At Panasonic, we know that communities become stronger through volunteering – that’s why we encourage our employees to follow their passion for giving back by providing five days of paid time off each year to volunteer. We also support employees in helping to identify and plan volunteerism events throughout their communities across North America.

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Take an exclusive look at the volunteer programs in which Panasonic employees participate throughout the year.
Panasonic employee volunteers working at the Community Food Bank of New Jersey
Panasonic employee volunteers teamed up with the Community Food Bank of New Jersey to help pack and prepare goods for those in need. They came together to construct and fill enough boxes to feed 2,600 families in the local community.
A Panasonic employee volunteer packs bags with presents for children in need
During the holiday season, Panasonic Automotive partnered with three local charities to provide toys, clothes and essentials to children in need.
A Panasonic employee volunteer helps carry boxes at the Community Food Bank of New Jersey
Discover some of the many ways in which Panasonic employees are giving back to their communities.
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Employees at Hussmann, a Panasonic company, share how they were recently able to give back to those in need when Hurricane Ida left friends, family, co-workers and customers within their local Alabama community devastated.

The Panasonic Foundation

The Panasonic Foundation is an operating, non-profit foundation that invests in the incubation of new ideas and the development of public-private partnerships that directly support student achievement. From its creation in 1984, the Panasonic Foundation has been deeply rooted in advancing equity as the driver to improve the academic and social success of ALL students. The goal is to provide disadvantaged students with the skills and credentials they will need to lead fulfilling and successful lives in a global 21st-century economy.

Leadership & Equity video series

At Panasonic, our aim is to create technologies that will create a better life and a better world. At the center of this promise is the understanding of the diverse world in which we live. To deliver on this promise, we need to foster diversity - in thought, approach and life experience.

We believe fulfilling this promise begins in the classroom. For more than 35 years, the Panasonic Foundation has made it its mission to bring educational opportunities to underserved communities across the nation. It is impossible to achieve equality without first focusing on equity by bringing resources to students who have all too often had to make do with less.  

With an eye to the future, it is our goal to foster a culture where diversity is a central value. We know this is integral to creating a better world for all. But it’s not simply that we believe it’s the best way to create a better future, it is also the right thing to do here in our present. 

In our video series on leadership and equity, we spoke with pioneers from across the country who are working on making this shared goal a reality. Join us as we look back on the founding values that drove us to begin our work in this space - and the vision we all share to create a more equal future through equity.