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Capturing and creating one-of-a-kind moments

Engaging audio video experiences help you connect with your audience. See how we’re elevating those experiences.


The industry’s go-to partner for immersive experience technology

How audiences want to be engaged has evolved. With streaming content, social platforms and smart phones competing for attention, people need new reasons to stay engaged. At Panasonic, we’re helping savvy sports, media and entertainment companies stay one step ahead. In a world where last week’s movie becomes next week’s theme park ride, we work with customers to integrate technology at every touchpoint and create more memorable experiences for their audiences.

Products & solutions

panasonic projectors
Create an immersive world for your audience. Our portfolio of high-performance projection technology offers up to 50,000 lumens for a spectacular show anywhere.
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From video walls to digital signage to 4K displays, our professional display systems bring visual experiences to life, in unexpected ways and unexpected environments.
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Our studio, cinema and robotic cameras offer unparalleled range, giving directors and storytellers the ability to capture and create meaningful moments that move audiences.
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Connecting with your audience requires innovative tools. Our suite of broadcast equipment brings content to life, integrating seamlessly with industry-leading on-air and in-studio systems.

Why Panasonic

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Learn how disruptive technologies are elevating Sports, Media & Entertainment

New tools are changing the way audiences and production teams interact with content. Explore the advancements that Panasonic is making in this five-minute eBook.

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Recasting the future of entertainment

There is no magic formula for captivating an audience. It takes an intelligent, customized approach to finding solutions, constant reinvention and the willingness to look beyond what currently exists to what might. It also takes industry-leading immersive experience technologies, supported by extremely reliable back-end production systems and media-serving platforms. At Panasonic, we provide both the collaborative vision and best-in-class tools to help you elevate the audience experience and create a real connection.

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Panasonic Hollywood Laboratory: Where innovation begins

Next-generation entertainment solutions come from a synergy of technology and creativity. That’s why we started the Panasonic Hollywood Lab (PHL). A product and business development engine for top media companies, PHL co-creates solutions for the consumer of the future. These technologies can help build repeatable, end-to-end experiences that touch audiences and build brands.

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Visual technologies for any environment

Because content consumption habits are constantly evolving, technology must evolve as well to keep an audience’s attention. We’ve developed a class of industry-leading visual technologies – from projectors and video walls to 4K displays and digital signage – to meet evolving needs and deliver what creative teams envision.

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Better broadcast and production systems

It’s just as important to capture and manage content as it is to display it. Our suite of technologies – encompassing cameras, camera controllers, production monitors, network workflow systems and software – integrates the broadcast and production ecosystem. This allows producers to focus on what really matters – crafting compelling stories that mesmerize audiences.

We’ve even integrated advanced analytics into our pan/tilt/zoom video cameras. By embedding live auto-tracking and motion data analysis into the camera’s functionality, we’re opening up new possibilities for college campuses, houses of worship, corporate events and more.

Case studies

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Disney developed new projection systems with the help of Panasonic technology that was not yet on the market – ultimately creating an experience unlike anything seen before.
socially distanced groups stand amidst an immersive Van Gogh experience
Discover how Panasonic projectors helped create an immersive exhibition featuring the works of Vincent van Gogh.
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To reach a younger generation, this mega-church enhanced video quality for its services, creating an immersive yet intimate experience with our camera systems and laser projectors.
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We augmented the gardens’ signature Blossoms of Light™ event with a dynamic display of dazzling winter landscapes that helped attract over 145,000 attendees.
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New Jersey’s massive science center uses Panasonic projectors and displays to wow patrons, providing awe-inspiring looks at the globe, skyscrapers, bees and other attractions.
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As official provider of projection technology for Disney Parks, Panasonic creates immersive experiences that push the boundaries of storytelling and imagination.

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Socially distanced groups stand amidst an immersive Van Gogh experience

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