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Advancing the smart factory

Discover how our total suite of manufacturing technologies is revolutionizing factories and supply chains.

Making better products in better ways

Advanced manufacturing is undergoing an incredible shift, driven by digital technology and industrial automation. We’re helping manufacturers amp up productivity, streamline processes and spread intelligence across the factory line. How? By developing connected machines that collaborate with connected workers. By automating processes and preemptively avoiding failures down the line. And by developing IoT solutions that bring real-time data and visibility to every tool, component and process. See how we’re reinventing the factory with deep system expertise, legendary reliability and thinking that’s always working overtime.


Why Panasonic


Improving manufacturing from one end to another

Panasonic has long been a market leader in semiconductor assembly equipment and software, with a reputation for making famously reliable products. Today, we’re combining our decades of manufacturing expertise with thinking that looks far into the future.

In short, we see no limit to what smarter manufacturing technology can accomplish when applied across the factory floor, workforce and supply chain. By focusing on this interconnectivity, we’re creating dramatically better solutions for Industry 4.0 and beyond.

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Building intelligence into everything

Intelligence is equipment that can do more, without any operator involvement. Like machines that can automatically retool in a high-mix production environment to keep assembly lines working at peak efficiency. And equipment that can self-diagnose and alert remote maintenance teams to service it, using predictive analytics.

Intelligence is assembly tools with built-in error prevention, and smart handhelds and tablets that streamline the jobs of pickers and packers in shipping and warehouse operations. At Panasonic, we’re infusing these and other smart technologies into every nook and cranny of today’s factories.

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Integrating technologies for total production-line visibility

By collaborating with almost 30 complementary suppliers in industrial automation, Panasonic has created a single software solution that gives customers complete visibility of their products as they move through the production line. Scalable to installations of over 1,000 machines, PanaCIM can integrate with any machine platform, business system or location. Its ability to connect disparate islands of data across an enterprise – production data, MRP/ERP and legacy systems – is a key enabler for advanced manufacturing.


Enabling intelligent material flow management

In dynamic manufacturing settings where production has to keep moving, workers and machines need the right part at the right place at the right time. Our IoT solution makes materials location-aware, eliminating the need for paper instructions in material containers. The system simplifies how components are picked from bins and delivered, and streamlines workflow routing by ensuring the right operator instructions automatically appear at the right workstation when needed.

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Improved quality control through error proofing

By incorporating Panasonic error-proofing solutions, factories can prevent a process from replicating defects by detecting and correcting human error. Our complete line of qualifiers communicate wirelessly with our assembly tools, for a 360-degree approach to quality manufacturing. Comprehensive solutions like this are just one example of how we’re increasing production efficiency.


Creating a better world

We’re proud our manufacturing initiatives are building a better future through:

  • Smart materials, handheld devices and other green documentation solutions that reduce use of natural resources like ink and paper
  • Extensive support for STEM education for students, encouraging more bright minds to choose a technical career
  • Next-generation manufacturing technologies that help reduce production waste