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Transforming the factory into a leaner, smarter ecosystem

Transforming the factory into a leaner, smarter ecosystem

Focus on your business – we’ll focus on your production challenges

No matter what you’re manufacturing or where, greater efficiency and quality are always on the work order. That’s why countless industry leaders rely on Panasonic software, equipment, assembly tools and computers purpose-built for the manufacturing sector and factory floor. In fact, we’re proud to recognize as our partners four of the five leading smartphone makers, seven of the top 10 automotive manufacturers, and hundreds of other companies from agriculture to the medical industry.

For more than 50 years, at over 100,000 installations, we’ve been exceeding the production needs of the most demanding industries.

Streamlined solutions for a fast-paced industry

Because of our wide-ranging expertise and innovative approach, we’re able to offer turnkey solutions like our first-to-market Total Solutions, which are remaking manufacturing from top to bottom.

Through this platform, manufacturers get support for their entire factory rather than just our technologies, thanks to more than 40 strategic partnerships we’ve created. The immediate benefit: a single point of contact for installation, application engineering, technical support and everything in between.

Customer acceptance of our completely integrated, turnkey solutions has been amazing.
Faisal Pandit, President, Panasonic Factory Solutions Company of America

Unprecedented scalability and connectivity, from machine level to the cloud

You’ve seen the changes that robotic process automation has brought over the last few decades. The next giant leap forward is the industrial Internet of Things, where machines in your factory and factories around the world are connected via the cloud through our Manufacturing Execution System (MES) software.

Solutions like this provide a holistic view of the entire enterprise, which means no more islands of factory automation. From machine level to cloud, our MES can integrate with any platform, business system or location, easily automating processes and providing total visibility across your operations.

1 to 1,000+ machines - PanaCIM's scalable software suite can meet your needs

Any mix, any volume, for any size business

Are you a high-mix manufacturer with hundreds of machines at many locations around the world? Or maybe a smaller operation with just one machine in a single facility? Whatever your set-up, we can meet your needs with lean manufacturing expertise that eliminates waste and ensures “first time right” confidence.

Industry-leading solutions and support

From chip manufacturing to final circuit board assembly to advanced robotics, Panasonic is a partner with a tradition of industry firsts, not to mention a global footprint to support you every step of the way.

Learn more about how we’re pioneering Industry 4.0 with our manufacturing solutions.

For more information on our range of Total Solutions for today’s smart factory, visit our manufacturing website.


Take control of your materials

Material shortage or excess can extend timelines and reduce profits. Our material management solutions provide overviews of job order preparation, material distribution and tracking. With increased accuracy, reduced setup and better supply-level awareness, workers have what they need to get the job done.


New study available for download

We recently conducted proprietary research with more than 400 technology decision makers in North America, across 13 industries – including Manufacturing.

Most companies say it’s riskier to adopt technologies too late rather than too soon. Though Manufacturing follows this general trend, the sector indexes even higher with adoption of Robotics and Advanced Materials, with adoption of Artificial Intelligence expected by nearly half of companies in the near future.

Download our study to see the full impact of disruptive technologies on your industry. You’ll read how some companies are already using technology to disrupt barriers like supply chain inefficiencies in Manufacturing and how they plan to improve flexibility to tailor or personalize services that better meet end customer needs.