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The A/V Tools You'll Need for Game Day: Professional Camcorders

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AG-CX350: The Utility Camcorder

Your video production team is being tasked with developing more content than ever before. Meet your new MVP.

Best Camcorders for Sports Production

Whether its the pregame promo videos, broadcasting the game live on streaming platforms, shooting the game day studio shows, setting up video coaching analysis systems or creating the post-game highlight reels, video production teams are increasingly being asked to do more, with less.

Times like these call for a camcorder that is truly a team player. You need a camera that will perform all of its duties flawlessly, is versatile enough to cover all of your video needs, and is reliable day-in and day-out. Introducing the AG-CX350, a camcorder that has you covered across the entire sports video field.


AG-CX350 4K Camcorder

  • New 1.0” 15M Sensor brings 2000TV-lines and F12/F13 Sensitivity.
  • Superb 4K Image with 10bit Codec: ALL-I, 422LongG  and New HEVC LongG
  • Supporting HLG (Hybrid Log Gamma) and SDR Monitoring
  • Industry’s Widest Class Lens with 32x Intelligent Zoom and 5-Axis Hybrid I.S.
  • HD Live Streaming to Connect Directly to Facebook and YouTube Live 

Create More Hype with Great Promo Videos

Create exhilarating videos of your sports team and players to keep fans engaged throughout the duration of the season. Whether you need to deliver footage for Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, your website, or all of the above and more, recording with the AG-CX350 ensures you'll be working with dynamic, high-quality footage that looks good across all platforms.

HDR Recording

The CX350 features HLG (Hybrid Log-Gamma)* to support HDR (High Dynamic Range). This achieves a wide dynamic range on HDR-compatible screens, such as those found on select mobile phones. The gamma mode can be selected from eight modes (HD, SD, FILMLIKE 1, FILMLIKE 2, FILMLIKE 3, FILM-REC, VIDEO-REC, HLG).

4K 10-bit 4:2:2 Color

Like our popular AU-EVA1 Cinema Camera, the CX350 offers 10-bit 4:2:2 color sampling with ALL-Intra (400-Mbps) and LongGOP (150Mbps) and can be recorded in UHD up to 29.98p/25p and FHD up to 59.97p/50p. It also supports the 10-bit HEVC codec at UHD up to 59.97p/50p with a low bit rate of 200Mbps.

Stunning Depth of Field

The optimized 1" MOS sensor of the CX350 offers outstanding depth of field and remarkable video quality. Equipped with 'Expand' and 'Peaking,' manual focus assist, LCD-screen touch focus and one-push focus assist, you're well equipped to shoot the cinematic footage that your audience craves.

Dual SD Card Slots

Two SD memory card slots capable of using SDXC/SDHC/microP2 cards*1 enable unlimited*2 relay recording by simply changing SD memory cards.Recording reliability is further improved with simultaneous recording and background recording. And the CX350 is also equipped with Pre Rec, Interval Rec and Time Stamp recording functions.

Remote Operation via Android & iOS Tablets

Control camera settings, picture quality adjustment, REC start/stop. menu settings and more remotely. Download the CX ROP app for your iOS/Android tablets to enable IP remote control over ethernet (RJ45 cable) or wireless (AJ-WM50 module) connections. 


Boost Team Performance with Quality Coaching Analysis

Playback of training and game day footage is an essential component of performance analysis for athletes. Use our powerful imaging tools to increase your player’s knowledge and understanding of the game.

720p AVCHD 8-Mbps Recording

The AG-CX350 features the 720p AVCHD 8-Mbps recording mode that is required for most coaching analysis programs, including solutions from DVSport and XoS Digital. This allows you to get high-quality practice or game day footage ingested and ready for analysis faster than ever before. With the data at your fingertips, training sessions become highly productive, empowering coaches and players to make critical adjustments instantly.

24.5mm Wide-Angle Fixed Lens

Cover more action than ever before with the CX350 cameras wide-angle lens. This remarkable lens gives you exceptional range across the field of play without distorting the edges of the captured video.

Effortless Monitoring

Out in the bright afternoon sun or in a dark gym? No problem. The CX350 has a 3.2" HD LCD monitor with an advanced RGBW pixel structure that provides high visibility outdoors, in even the brightest of conditions. Adjust the LCD monitor brightness when you're inside for optimal monitoring conditions.


Reach Your Audience with Live Production & Streaming Content

Capture stunning imagery for your LED video board, in-game programming, web streaming and game day analysis. Our cameras boast high reliability and superb ease of use, allowing you and your crew to get quickly setup and broadcasting high-quality footage.

SDI & HDMI Video Outputs

Broadcast quality connectors and video-output is what helps differentiate professional-grade equipment from off-the-shelf consumer solutions. The CX350 provides you the ability to use SDI and HDMI video outputs simultaneously.

Slow Motion

Capture every frame of the action with the awesome variable frame rate recording options of the CX350. Capture 120 fps super slow motion in Full HD or up to 60 fps in 4K for the most epic replays.

5-Axis Optical Image Stabilization

The thrill of covering sports is that you never know what will happen. The CX350 features a built-in hybrid image stabilizer which combines optical and electronic camera shake functions to keep your handheld footage smooth. It corrects camera shake in five axial directions, providing powerful camera shake compensation power in low-angle, high-angle, and other unstable shooting positions.

20x Optical Zoom

The CX350 has a fixed lens which provides 20x optical zoom, along with i.Zoom which enables seamless zooming of up to 32x in HD or up to 24x in UHD with no degradation in resolution. The lens covers a range of 24.5mm to 490mm (35mm film equivalent at 4K/HD), which is exceptional for run & gun live production. Not having to change lenses when the action is unfolding right in front of your eyes is super convenient.

Exceptional Battery Life

Long-lasting battery performance and super fast charge times are to be expected from the company that supplies the batteries found in Tesla automobiles. The AG-CX350 boasts low power consumption of 11.5 W which is the industry’s lowest* in the UHD/HD 10-bit recording camcorder segment. With the supplied battery pack (5900 mAh), the CX350 operates continuously for about 3 hours and 20 minutes, and the supplied large-capacity battery pack supports quick charges. You'll have plenty of juice to get you through overtime.

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Keep the Conversation Going with Live Studio Show Productions

Create cinematic content for live non-game events, including stadium intro videos, in-game features, interview shows, half-time segments and much more. The AG-CX350 camcorder is packed with connectivity functions that make livestreaming to major platforms quick and hassle-free.  

Integrated Streaming Options

The CX350 contains the RTMP (Real Time Messaging Protocol) function, which enables video streaming to key livestreaming platforms like Facebook Live and YouTube Live. Internal HD recording (MOV) while streaming content is also available.

NDI|HX Upgrade Available

The AG-CX350 is the industry’s first camcorder to support NDI|HX*. Using the NDI|HX mode, video transmission and camera control are all possible via an IP connection, without having to use an external converter.

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