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Pro Protection Premium Service & Support with Accident Coverage

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AV-SVCEXTWAR5Y Starting at $275 MSRP

Product details

Upgrade your Panasonic product experience with Panasonic Pro Protection Premium. You'll get 5 years of enhanced warranty support and accidental damage coverage.

Key features

  • 5 Total Years of Premium Product Support
  • Accidental Damage Coverage
  • Express Repair Service with 2 Day Repair Turnaround
  • Free Next Day Mail-In and Return Shipping
  • 2 Sessions of Preventative Maintenance Included
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AG-AC30 Full-HD AVCCAM Handheld Camera

AG-AC30 $1,395 MSRP

AG-DVX200 4K/HD Handheld Camcorder

AG-DVX200 $3,995 MSRP

AG-UMR20 Portable Digital Video Recorder


AG-UX180 4K/HD Handheld Camcorder

AG-UX180 $3,495 MSRP

AG-UX90 4K/HD Handheld Camcorder

AG-UX90(NTSC) $2,295 MSRP

AJ-CVF50G Premium Color HD Viewfinder

AJ-CVF50G $5,100 MSRP

AJ-PX230 microP2 AVC-ULTRA Handheld Camcorder

AJ-PX230 $4,495 MSRP

AJ-PX270 microP2 AVC-ULTRA Handheld Camcorder

AJ-PX270 $6,495 MSRP

AJ-PX380 1/3" AVC-ULTRA Shoulder Mount Camcorder


AJ-PX800 Full-HD P2 Shoulder Mount Camera


AK-HC3800 2/3" HD Broadcast Camera



AK-UCU500 Camera Control Unit


AK-MSU1000 Camera Master Control Unit


AK-HRP1000 Remote Operation Panel (1/4 Rack)


AK-HC5000 HD HDR High-Speed Broadcast Camera


AK-UB300 4K HDR Broadcast Box Camera


AK-UC3000 4K HDR Broadcast Camera


AU-EVA1 5.7K Super 35 Handheld Cinema Camera


AV-HS6000 2ME Live Production Video Switcher


AW-RP120 Remote Camera Controller


AW-HE130 Full-HD Professional PTZ Camera


AW-HE2 Compact Professional PTZ Camera

AW-HE2 $995.00

AW-HE40H HD Professional PTZ Camera (HDMI)

Panasonic AW-HE40HK and AW-HE40HW network ptz cameras with HDMI and IP

AW-HE40H $2,850 MSRP

AW-HE40S HD Professional PTZ Camera (HD-SDI)

Panasonic AW-HE40SK and AW-HE40SW network ptz cameras with HD-SDI and IP

AW-HE40S $3,695 MSRP

AW-UE70 4K Professional PTZ Camera

AW-UE70 $5,550 MSRP

BT-LH1770 16.5" 10-bit LCD Production Monitor


VariCam LT 4K HDR Compact Professional Cinema Camera

varicam lt body image netflix post alliance approved 4K HDR camera-12-12

VariCam LT 17,995

VariCam 35 4K HDR Professional Cinema Camera

VariCam 35

AW-HN38H HD Professional PTZ Camera with NDI®|HX

Panasonic AW-HN38HW and AW-HN38HK network ptz camera with NDI and HDMI

AW-HN38H $2,400 MSRP

AW-UN70 4K Professional PTZ Camera with NDI®|HX

Panasonic AW-UN70W and AW-UN70K 4K NDI ptz camera with IP network and 3G-SDI video output

AW-UN70 $5,850 MSRP

AW-HE38H HD Professional PTZ Camera

Panasonic AW-HE38K and AW-HE38W network ptz cameras with IP + HDMI + 3G-SDI

AW-HE38H $2,100 MSRP

AW-HN40H HD Professional PTZ Camera with NDI®|HX

Panasonic AW-HN40HW and AW-HN40HK network otz camera with NDI and HDMI

AW-HN40H $3,150 MSRP

AW-HN130 HD Professional PTZ Camera with NDI®|HX

Panasonic AW-HN130W and AW-HN130K NDI robotic network ptz cameras


AK-UC4000 4K HDR & HD Slow Motion Camera System

ak-uc4000 main product photo


AJ-PG50 Portable P2 Card Recorder


AG-UCK20 4K/UHD POV 20x Zoom Camera Head


AK-UCU600 Camera Control Unit (CCU)


AW-UE150 4K/60P 1” Large Sensor PTZ Camera

AW-UE150 Professional PTZ Cameras_4K Platinum Series1


AW-RP150 Touchscreen Remote Camera Controller


AJ-PX5100 HDR-Ready Shoulder-Mount ENG Camera

AJ-PX5100 Connected Cam ConnectedCam HDR RTMP ENG Reliable Streaming Camera Best Field News Gathering Camera


AG-CX350 4K Handheld Camcorder


AW-HE42 Full-HD Professional PTZ Camera with 3G-SDI

Panasonic AW-HE42K and AW-HE42W network ptz cameras

AW-HE42 $4,250 MSRP

AW-UE4 4K/30P Zoom Certified Ultra-Wide Angle PTZ Camera

Panasonic AW-UE4W white and AW-UE4K black 4K livestreaming PTZ network cameras


AK-SHU800 Image Processing Unit

8K ROI Image Processing Unit IPU AK-SHU800


AJ-CX4000 4K HDR ENG Shoulder-Mount Camera

AJ-CX4000GJ AJ-CX4000 CX4000 ENG Shoulder Mount 4K Connected Camera for field live news sports events reality TV unscripted and documentary video production


AW-RP60 Compact Remote PTZ Camera Controller

AW-RP60 Panasonic PTZ Camera Controller - Top Angle


AV-UHS500 4K 12G-SDI / HDMI Professional Live Video Production Switcher


AG-CX10 4K Compact Handheld Camcorder

Panasonic AG-CX10 4K 10-bit Camcorder with LED for Low Light video


AK-HC3900 HD HDR Studio Camera

Panasonic AK-HC3900 HD HDR Broadcast Studio Camera


AW-UE100 4K/60P Full NDI PTZ Camera

AW-UE100K and AW-UE100W Black & White Professional PTZ Camera


AK-UC3300 4K HDR Studio Camera System

Panasonic AK-UC3300 4K Broadcast Camera System


AK-HRP1015 Remote Operation Panel (ROP)


AK-HCU250 Camera Control Unit (CCU)


AK-HRP250 Camera Remote Operation Panel (ROP)


AW-HE145 Full HD High Sensitivity PTZ Camera

Panasonic AW-HE145K AW-HE145W Replacement Camera for AW-HE130 PTZ Camera


AW-UE40 4K/30P Ultra Quiet PTZ Camera

AW-UE40W_K and AW-UE50W_K PTZ Camera Models with Zoom Certified Logo


AW-UE80 4K/60P Ultra Quiet Full NDI PTZ Camera

AW-UE80 Best Panasonic Professional PTZ Live Streaming 4K Robocam for Broadcast and High Quality Live Video Production


AW-UE160 4K PTZ Camera

Panasonic AW-UE160W and AW-UE160K 4K PTZ Camera for High-End Broadcasters


Enhanced Service & Support

Most Panasonic Broadcast, Cinema & Professional Video Systems products come with a one-year limited warranty. To extend your coverage further, and to add a higher level of protection for your product, Panasonic offers extended support options available for purchase.

Panasonic professional video products are built to last. Our extended support coverage offers the professionals who use our products the peace of mind they deserve. With Panasonic’s team of technical experts, state of the art repair facilities and high-quality standards, you can expect a worry-free ownership experience. Simply schedule your service and send in or drop off your equipment to any one of our Panasonic factory service facilities. Panasonic provides a service level that goes beyond the industry standard, offering fast repair processing by factory certified technicians and use of 100% Panasonic OEM parts. With Panasonic’s extended support programs, any large and unplanned repair expenses can be avoided, and your potential downtime will be reduced to the absolute minimum.

Panasonic Pro Protection

What's included with the PRO AV Premium 5 Year Extended Warranty*:

  • 5 Years of Total Coverage
  • Accidental1 Damage Coverage
  • USA Toll-Free Hotline Technical Support
  • Product Repair Carry-In/Drop-Off
  • Product Repair Mail-In
  • 2 Day Repair Turnaround
  • Firmware Update / Software Upgrade Alerts
  • Firmware Update / Software Upgrade Support
  • Exclusive Membership Welcome Kit
  • 2 Sessions of Preventative Maintenance
  • Express Repair Service
  • Loaner Product Service Available



$275 MSRP


$600 MSRP


$960 MSRP


$1,500 MSRP


$2,200 MSRP


$2,800 MSRP


$3,600 MSRP

* PRO AV PREMIUM 5Yr Ext Warranty – Adds Bumper to Bumper Coverage with Limited Accidental Damage for Five Years, Two way Expedited / Next Day Shipping, Two Day Repair Turnaround Time (exclusive of shipping), Two Preventive Maintenance Sessions, one in year two and one in year four (carry/ship in). Limited Catastrophic Damage Coverage. CCD/MOS imagers have 3 years parts / 3 years labor coverage. Provides Loaner Service, where Panasonic will provide Loaner Replacement (shipped next day) if product cannot be repaired in two days(exclusive of shipping). Proof of Purchase not required. Premium Service must be purchased at time of product purchase. Premium Support plans are offered to the original purchaser only and are not transferable. Premium Support plans do not provide coverage for loss of data or images regardless of cause, or cost, or wages associated with loss. Premium Support plans must be purchased at time of associated product purchase. Premium Support plans do not cover normal wear and tear items (including cosmetic) which do not affect functionality (this could include cables, buttons, knobs, batteries, option boards) or wearable parts as determined by Panasonic. Premium Support plans will not cover products that have been improperly maintained and/or modified by anyone other than a Panasonic Authorized Service Provider. Panasonic Premium Support plan is only eligible on new, authorized models, sold strictly in the United States by Panasonic directly or through Panasonic authorized resellers to U.S. based customers. Panasonic Enhanced Service & Support coverage is not available outside of the USA. Panasonic reserves the right to change service and support pricing and terms at its own discretion without notice.

1 Additional required service will be charged at the standard parts plus labor rates per event. Accidental Damage coverage applies to damages which occur in normal use, with limited coverage for damage which occurs during or resulting from accidents, mishandling, misapplication, modification, misuse, abuse, neglect, shipment or that which is attributed to acts of God. Catastrophic damage is defined as fire, smoke, water or unintentional physical damage. Coverage limits vary based on the product SKU/Premium Support plan.

All product specifications, availability, and pricing are subject to change without notice. Images may be simulated for demonstration purposes.