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Panasonic Broadcast, Cinema & Pro Video Warranty

Panasonic Pro Protection Enhanced Service and Support - Extended Warranty - Accident Coverage Care Support

Panasonic Pro Protection

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The Professional Service & Support You Deserve

When it comes to purchasing products that your livelihood depends on, you can rely on Panasonic to deliver for you. When you choose Panasonic equipment for your business or to equip your fleet, you're not just getting some of the best performing products on the market, but the reliability and full service / support experience that they come with. From the standard warranty support provided by our product specialists to the premium level accidental damage coverage upgrade, we've got your back every step of the way.

Standard Warranty

Panasonic Pro Protection / Standard**

Included with the purchase of your Panasonic professional video product, the standard warranty covers one-year of replacement parts and labor costs due to defects in materials or workmanship which occurs during normal use. You’ll be able to utilize our US-based toll-free hotline (855.772.8324) for support and take advantage of a five-day repair turnaround time (exclusive of shipping) if an in-warranty repair is authorized by Panasonic. For further information on limits and exclusions from coverage, please consult the standard warranty documentation that comes in the box with your product.

Enhanced Professional Service & Support*

Panasonic Camera Extended Warranty Service and Support Broadcast Cinema  Pro Video Systems

Most Panasonic Broadcast, Cinema & Professional Video Systems products come with a one-year limited warranty. To extend your coverage further, and to add a higher level of protection for your product, Panasonic offers extended support options available for purchase. In addition, if you or your staff require product training or equipment deployment assistance with any Panasonic professional video products, we also provide on-site consultation packages that can be made available to you and your organization.


Benefits of Extending Coverage

Panasonic Pro Protection Professional Video Products Support Camera Repair Center Extended Warranty Coverage

Panasonic professional video products are built to last. Our extended support coverage offers the professionals who use our products the peace of mind they deserve. With Panasonic’s team of technical experts, state of the art repair facilities and high quality standards, you can expect a worry-free ownership experience. Simply schedule your service and send in or drop off your equipment to any one of our Panasonic factory service facilities. Panasonic provides a service level that goes beyond the industry standard, offering fast repair processing by factory certified technicians and use of 100% Panasonic OEM parts. With Panasonic’s extended support programs, any large and unplanned repair expenses can be avoided, and your potential downtime will be reduced to the absolute minimum.

Premium Support (5 Years)

Panasonic Pro Protection Accident Protection Extended Warranty Camera Care Support

Panasonic Pro Protection | Premium***

For enhanced coverage for your Panasonic professional video product, the Premium Support plan could be your best option. When you purchase a Premium Support plan, not only will you receive standard/standard+ warranty and benefits coverage up through the fifth year of ownership of your Panasonic professional video product, but you will also receive accidental damage coverage1. In addition this plan includes, two sessions of preventative maintenance service, along with express repair service with free next-day mail-in and return shipping. You may also qualify for equipment loaner service (if product cannot be repaired within 2 days). With the Premium Support plan, you will experience the ultimate level of service, support and protection for your Panasonic professional video product.

Professional Training & Consultation

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Panasonic Pro Consultation

With Panasonic Pro Consultation2, you can schedule time with Panasonic experts to provide on-site support for your Panasonic professional video products. Whether you require a Panasonic expert to assist with product commissioning, equipment deployment or need someone to provide you and your staff with operational/engineering training, we have you covered. Our team of technical experts will work to ensure your inquiries are addressed successfully and in a timely and professional manner.

Global & Out of Warranty Service

global support panasonic international travel service center repairs

Panasonic provides support services that extend beyond the standard warranty coverage and are also available outside of the United States. If your Panasonic product is out of the standard warranty or extended support period; service, technical and field support can be provided as required at current set rates or via individual contract. The Panasonic Global Service Network extends across Europe, Asia, North America, Latin America, Middle East/Africa and Australia, providing you repair services wherever you may be traveling or working internationally. For repairs outside of the United States, local service rates will apply.

Professional Service & Support Center


Drop by a Panasonic Engineering Facility

Visit one of our professional service center for product repairs, to schedule training sessions, or to book a demo of our latest Broadcast, Cinema and Professional Video Systems products and solutions.

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Panasonic Enhanced Service & Support plan is only eligible on new, authorized models, sold strictly in the United States by Panasonic directly or through Panasonic authorized resellers to U.S. based customers.

Panasonic Enhanced Service & Support coverage is not available outside of the USA. Panasonic reserves the right to change service and support pricing and terms at its own discretion without notice.


For full Standard Warranty terms and conditions, consult the documentation which came with your product.

Proof of purchase will be required at time of service for standard warranty claims.


Premium and Preferred Support plans are offered to the original purchaser only and are not transferable.

Premium and Preferred Support plans do not provide coverage for loss of data or images regardless of cause, or cost, or wages associated with loss.

Premium and Preferred Support plans must be purchased at time of associated product purchase.

Premium and Preferred Support plans do not cover normal wear and tear items (including cosmetic) which do not affect functionality (this could include cables, buttons, knobs, batteries, option boards) or wearable parts as determined by Panasonic.

Premium and Preferred Support plans will not cover products that have been improperly maintained and/or modified by anyone other than a Panasonic Authorized Service Provider.


Premium Service Accidental Damage coverage is limited to $3,000 per each event and a maximum value of $7,000 of total coverage lifetime extended service period parts and labor expenses. Additional required service will be charged at the standard parts plus labor rates per event. Accidental Damage coverage applies to damages which occur in normal use, with limited coverage for damage which occurs during or resulting from accidents, mishandling, misapplication, modification, misuse, abuse, neglect, shipment or that which is attributed to acts of God. Catastrophic damage is defined as fire, smoke, water or unintentional physical damage.


Panasonic Pro Consultation (Daily/2-Day) includes time and travel expenses in cost.

All Panasonic Pro Protection specifications, availability, pricing and promotions are subject to change without notice. Contact your local Panasonic representative for the latest available details and support program updates.