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LSSIEL: Imaging System for Broadcast Cameras

lssiel 2 3 inch sensor b4 mount 4k hdr imager camera system 4.4k sensors panasonic uc4000 broadcast

"Resolutionary" Live Production Camera Systems

Don't get resolution confused with this revolution. Panasonic's flagship camera systems integrate 2/3" lenses and a 4.4k sensor to bring your live video to life. Discover how the LSSIEL imager is an absolute advancement in broadcast camera tech.

High Performance Sensor, Optimized Imager

Improved Large Single Sensor Internal Expansion Lens (LSSIEL) Imaging System Provides Breakthrough 4K HDR Performance from an Even Larger 4.4K Resolution Sensor

Large Single Sensor Internal Expansion Lens (LSSIEL) Imaging System

The revolutionary LSSIEL enabled system began with the AK-UC3000 4K/HDR studio camera and the AK-UB300 4K HDR box camera. With the AK-UC3000, LSSIEL optics expanded the standard image from broadcast 2/3” B4 mount lenses to a 1” cine-style 4K sensor enabling cinema camera performance with broadcast optical behavior and lenses. The AK-UC4000 studio camera and all-new AJ-CX4000 ENG camcorder builds on this technological foundation.

Next Generation 4.4K Resolution Capture

The AK-UC4000 and AJ-CX4000 upgrades to a 4.4K resolution capture with Panasonic’s new advanced imager, improving resolution, dynamic range & noise level over the AK-UC3000, while maintaining the same broadcast lens compatibility and operation in the same camera chassis, compatible with the AK-UC3000 accessories. Furthermore, the enhanced color gamut afforded by the improved dynamic range means true color matching is possible before manual matrix color adjustments.