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AK-UC3000 studio field camera system being used for multicamera live coverage of a corproate event by full service video production company, cornerstone technologies

Delivering Multi-Cam Coverage of Live Events with AK-UC3000 4K/HD Cameras & AW-HE130 PRO PTZ Robotic Cameras

Cornerstone Technologies LLC, a full-service production company specializing in multicamera live coverage of major concerts, corporate events and more, until recently was working with prior generation field camera systems that were limited to HD acquisition.

Cornerstone Technologies’ production truck is now outfitted with six Panasonic AK-UC3000 4K/HD studio/ field camera systems and four AW-HE130 FHD pan/tilt/ zoom cameras. According to Video Department Head Scott Evans, the UC3000s represent a critical first step towards 4K production for the company’s diverse rental/staging clients.

AK-UC4000 camera on a jib capturing 4K footage at a corporate event for IMAG and 4K capture for post-production

At the Silicon Slopes Summit, the UC3000s covered keynote address and breakout sessions.

On the majority of Cornerstone assignments, the UC3000s output 1080p for IMAG projection, but capture in 4K for post-production. Recent UC3000 projects at Cornerstone have included a John Mayer concert, keyboardist/composer Kurt Bestor’s Christmas concert, and the Young Living International Grand Convention. Cornerstone recently undertook a massive assignment supporting the Silicon Slopes Tech Summit, a globally recognized two-day conference drawing more than 20,000 attendees (one of largest annual tech events in the world). Camera coverage was required for prominent keynote addresses, breakout sessions, entertainment and an exclusive screening of a documentary from the Sundance Film Festival.

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The UC3000s typically output 1080p for IMAG projection, but capture in 4K for residual use.

“We deployed the truck and cameras to cover the general session, Partner Pavilion and a breakout room simultaneously. These rooms were five exhibit halls wide, to give an idea of the size of control that all happened from one place, including camera control,” Evans said.

We like the camera’s colorimetry and have really come to rely on the UC3000’s ability to simultaneously support 4K and HD acquisition.
Scott Evans Video Department Head

The UC3000s are typically outfitted with a variety of Fujinon zooms, XA77x9.5BESM, XA55x9.5, HA42x9.7, XA20sx8.5, and ZA12x4.5 models. Evans explained that the AW-HE130 PTZs, operated by AW-RP120 remote controllers, are used to capture supplemental shots and different angles of performers and presenters. In the case of the Silicon Slopes Tech Summit, two HE130s supported IMAG projection, while two were used in the truck to monitor overall activities.

AK-HRP1000 ROP RCP camera controllers for panasonic studio camera color shading camera painting and broadcast camera control

The UC3000 PTZ camers are operated by AK-HRP1000 ROP/RCP camera controllers.

“We like the camera’s colorimetry and have really come to rely on the UC3000’s ability to simultaneously support 4K and HD acquisition,” Evans said. “We’ve been using the new Panasonic cameras for several months, and are now delivering consistently better pictures to our clients.” 

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