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Professional Product Training

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S09TFMCNS $Starting at $2,990 MSRP

Product details

With Panasonic PRO Consultation, you can schedule time with Panasonic experts to provide on-site support for your Panasonic professional video products. Whether you require a Panasonic expert to assist with product commissioning, equipment deployment or need someone to provide you & your staff with operational/engineering training, we have you covered. Our team of technical experts will work to ensure your inquiries are addressed successfully and in a timely and professional manner.

Key features

  • Get expert training on Panasonic Professional Video Products for you or your staff
  • On-site product demonstration with hands-on product guidance and instruction
  • Specialized trainers provided based on your specific product needs
  • 1-day, 2-day or multiple-day packages available based on chosen curriculum
  • We can provide a basic / advanced product training curriculum, operational / engineering training, system deployment, product commissioning & installation consultation
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AG-AC30 Full-HD AVCCAM Handheld Camera

AG-AC30 $1,395 MSRP

AG-DVX200 4K/HD Handheld Camcorder

AG-DVX200 $3,995 MSRP

AG-UMR20 Portable Digital Video Recorder

AG-UMR20 $2,395.00

AG-UX180 4K/HD Handheld Camcorder

AG-UX180 $3,495 MSRP

AG-UX90 4K/HD Handheld Camcorder

AG-UX90(NTSC) $2,295 MSRP

AJ-PX230 microP2 AVC-ULTRA Handheld Camcorder

AJ-PX230 $4,495 MSRP

AJ-PX270 microP2 AVC-ULTRA Handheld Camcorder

AJ-PX270 $6,495 MSRP

AJ-PX380 1/3" AVC-ULTRA Shoulder Mount Camcorder

AJ-PX380 $8,395 MSRP | Camera Body

AJ-PX800 Full-HD P2 Shoulder Mount Camera


AJ-PX800 $15,000 MSRP | Camera Body

AK-HC3800 2/3" HD Broadcast Camera



AK-HC5000 HD HDR High-Speed Broadcast Camera


AK-UB300 4K HDR Broadcast Box Camera


AK-UC3000 4K HDR Broadcast Camera


AU-EVA1 5.7K Super 35 Handheld Cinema Camera

AU-EVA1 $6,495 MSRP

AV-HLC100 Live Streaming Video Switcher with NDI, SDI & HDMI

AV-HLC100 $12,999 MSRP

AW-RP120 Remote Camera Controller


AW-HE130 Full-HD Professional PTZ Camera


AW-HE2 Compact Professional PTZ Camera

AW-HE2 $995.00

AW-HE40H HD Professional PTZ Camera (HDMI)

AW-HE40H $2,850 MSRP

AW-HE40S HD Professional PTZ Camera (HD-SDI)

AW-HE40S $3,695 MSRP

AW-HR140 Outdoor Professional PTZ Camera

hr140 main product image

AW-HR140 $17,950 MSRP

AW-UE70 4K Professional PTZ Camera

AW-UE70 $5,550 MSRP

VariCam PURE 4K HDR Cinema Camera with CODEX VRAW

VariCam PURE Contact Sales for Pricing

VariCam LT 4K HDR Compact Professional Cinema Camera

VariCam LT 17,995

VariCam 35 4K HDR Professional Cinema Camera

VariCam 35 $55,000 MSRP | Camera Package

AW-HN38H HD Professional PTZ Camera with NDI®|HX

AW-HN38H $2,400 MSRP

AW-UN70 4K Professional PTZ Camera with NDI®|HX

AW-UN70 $5,850 MSRP

AW-HE38H HD Professional PTZ Camera

AW-HE38H $2,100 MSRP

AW-HN40H HD Professional PTZ Camera with NDI®|HX

AW-HN40H $3,150 MSRP

AW-HN130 HD Professional PTZ Camera with NDI®|HX


AK-UC4000 4K HDR & HD Slow Motion Camera System


AW-360C10 360° 4K Live Event Streaming Camera

panasonic aw-360

AW-360C10GJ $13,800.00

AW-UE150 4K 60p Professional PTZ Camera

AW-UE150 $11,400 MSRP

AJ-PX5100 HDR-Ready Shoulder-Mount ENG Camera

AJ-PX5100 Connected Cam ConnectedCam HDR RTMP ENG Reliable Streaming Camera Best Field News Gathering Camera

AJ-PX5100 $25,000 MSRP | Camera Body

AG-CX350 4K Handheld Camcorder

AG-CX350 $3,995 MSRP

AW-HE42 Full-HD Professional PTZ Camera with 3G-SDI

AW-HE42 $4,250 MSRP

AW-UE4 Wide Angle 4K PTZ Camera with IP Streaming

AW-UE4 $1,200 MSRP

Tecnopoint Robotic Systems for PRO PTZ Cameras

panasonic remote broadcast ptz camera and tecnopoint dolly jib elevator controller studio

TECNOPOINT TUNING Price Based on Configuration

Tecnopoint TUNING Floor Dolly

tecnopoint tuning robotic camera system-06

TUNING Floor Dolly

AJ-CX4000 4K HDR ENG Shoulder-Mount Camera

AJ-CX4000GJ AJ-CX4000 CX4000 ENG Shoulder Mount 4K Connected Camera for field live news sports events reality TV unscripted and documentary video production

AJ-CX4000GJ $25,000 MSRP | Camera Body

AW-RP60 Compact Remote PTZ Camera Controller

AW-RP60 $2,375 MSRP

AV-UHS500 4K 12G-SDI / HDMI Professional Live Video Production Switcher

AV-UHS500 $21,000 MSRP

4K POVCAM & Surgical Video Recorder for Medical Environments

AG-MDC20GJ 4K POVCAM & AG-MDR25PJ Surgical Video Recorder for Medical Environments

AG-MDC20GJ / AG-MDR25PJ $5,835.00

AG-CX10 4K Compact Handheld Camcorder

Panasonic AG-CX10 4K 10-bit Camcorder with LED for Low Light video

AG-CX10 $2,795 MSRP

AW-UE100 4K NDI Professional Streaming PTZ Camera

AW-UE100K and AW-UE100W Black & White Professional PTZ Camera Product Shot

AW-UE100 $8,350 MSRP

AK-UC3300 4K HDR Studio Camera System

Panasonic AK-UC3300 4K Broadcast Camera System


AW-HE145 Full-HD Professional PTZ Camera

Panasonic AW-HE145K AW-HE145W Replacement Camera for AW-HE130 PTZ Camera

AW-HE145 $10,500 MSRP


Panasonic AW-UE40K AW-UE40W PRO PTZ Robotic Camera Intro

AW-UE40 3,150 MSRP

AW-UE80 4K Professional PTZ Camera

AW-UE80 Best Panasonic Professional PTZ Live Streaming 4K Robocam for Broadcast and High Quality Live Video Production

AW-UE80 $5,850 MSRP

Customize Your Product Experience

Professional equipment requires truly professional expertise. You can always count on the team here at Panasonic to bring you top notch training and instruction for your new purchase. Whether you need help engineering a solution for your complex business requirements, consultation on the actual workflow and product installation, or training after the fact, we have custom-built packages that will suite your needs.

Training Packages

On-site training for a single user or the whole crew. We can customize a curriculum for product training that will best suit your needs. From formal classroom instruction, to hands-on product use in the field, we work to create a lesson plan that adapts to how you learn best. Our team of instructors has years of diverse industry experience and will provide guidance and insights that you simply will not find in the operating instructions. Upon completion, trainees will gain certification on the product, along with a wealth of knowledge and confidence that will bring an even greater ROI on your Panasonic Broadcast, Cinema & Professional Video equipment purchase.