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KAIROS Live Video Production Platform

Meet KAIROS - Live Video Production Solution

The Power to Craft Every Moment

The KAIROS live production platform is a revolution in how live video content is created. Achieving flexibility in all levels of production unlike any existing hardware-based systems, KAIROS breaks new ground for live video production.

📢 KAIROS v1.2 Available

Applicable product: Kairos Core 1000 (AT-KC1000), Kairos Core 100 (AT-KC100), Kairos Control (AT-KC10C1), Kairos Creator (AT-SFC10)

  • New Agile I/O feature realizes up to 64*1 inputs and 40*1 outputs by flexibly allocating bandwidth according to each source (no hardware update required).
  • NDI, SRT, RTMP and RTSP audio support. There are 16 channels each for NDI and SRT and 8 channels each for RTMP and RTSP.
  • SDI embedded audio output support. *2
  • Improved audio-mixer functionality includes Pre-Fader Listen (PFL) and audio-monitor output among various new features. This function requires the AT-SF005 audio mixer option.
  • New audio player can import audio files (WAV, MP3, Ogg, FLAC and AIFF) for 4-channel, 48 kHz, 24-bit audio playback.

*1: The Kairos Core 1000 mainframe offers a maximum 64 inputs and 40 outputs. The Kairos Core 100 mainframe with the AT-SF002 I/O option offers a maximum 48 inputs and 32 outputs. Both are best effort when all input/output sources are 1080/60i or 720/60p video.
*2: Up to two Deltacast FLEX modules can be connected for SDI embedded audio output. Using Port1/Port 2 of each module, up to 16 channels of audio can be output per port.

KAIROS live production switcher

Introduction to the KAIROS System

KAIROS is an IT/IP platform that gives production professionals unlimited control to deliver rich content to multiple screens and streams. Utilizing the power and flexibility of GPU and CPU processing KAIROS delivers unrestricted flexibility for the combination of many video and graphical sources. Panasonic has long been a pioneer in live switcher technology and was active in developing SMPTE 2110 (ST 2110) protocol for the broadcast industry. ST 2110 combines the scalability of IP with the broadcast spec performance of SDI, and marries uncompressed sub frame latency with IP multicast connectivity. For more advanced deployments, KAIROS adds ST 2110 to its standard baseband and streaming connectivity for an unparalleled input/output flexibility that pairs perfectly with the content creation flexibility of its GPU/CPU processing. The end user will simply see an intuitive layer based interface, and powerful content creation with a quick learning curve. The word kairos describes the opportune moment in time and space to make a decision or to deliver an argument; the moment you have the clarity to move forward. This is the KAIROS moment.


ProductionHub Awards of Excellence for KAIROS Solution

Winner of the 2022 ProductionHUB Awards of Excellence

The ProductionHUB Awards of Excellence recognize exceptional technological innovation.

Key Benefits of the KAIROS Solution

KAIROS is the ultimate IT/IP platform solution that gives you unlimited control to unleash your creative vision and craft amazingly immersive experiences. KAIROS is more than a typical switcher as it achieves high performance by fully utilizing the power and flexibility of its CPU and GPU and frees you from the constraints of a traditional hardware-based system. KAIROS offers unrestricted flexibility of input, output and operation for efficient production of live video that captivates audiences. Here are the key benefits of deploying the KAIROS solution for your live video processing needs.


KAIROS - inputs and outputs diagram

Creative freedom of layer-based content creation

  • Arrange live video content sources on a field, like images in photoshop
  • Unconstrained layers
  • Transitions applicable to any layer
  • Custom Canvas for any size or shape display screen wall or ribbon
KAIROS solution

Fast & easy combination of video, graphics and images from a variety of sources

  • Simultaneous baseband, streaming, NDI & ST 2110
  • Simultaneous HD, 3G, 4K & IT/AV display resolutions
KAIROS control room

Live, uncompressed, low latency processing for lip sync & IMAG for any screen type

  • Uncompressed I/O through baseband or network
  • Internal clips and graphics decoded for instantaneous access
  • Streaming sources decoded for processing

More independent output from one system to manage more streams & screens

  • Drive IMAG, live broadcast, LED walls, web streams & front of the house displays from a single system
KAIROS control core

Network I/O and control supports multiple simultaneous productions from one system

  • Network based control of set-ups, transitions and peripheral gear from a single interface & with multiple controls
  • Multicast inputs can feed multiple destinations

Enterprise level reliability with desktop ease of use

  • Linux Server w/ desktop user interface

Upgradable & expandable

  • Add network sources & capacity
  • Add multiple control surfaces
  • Add additional cores
  • Extend to remote streaming sources

KAIROS User Stories

KAIROS System Components & Configuration

Here are the key components of the KAIROS live video processing system solution.


KAIROS Cloud-Based Solution

The “KAIROS cloud-based solution” is the latest in video production technology, completely moving the powerful Live Video Processing Platform into a portable, easy-to-access cloud-based tool.  KAIROS’s cloud-based solution is an effective IT/IP platform solution that provides infinite, unrestricted input/output options.  This allows for dynamic, impressive production – regardless of the location, spacing and user preferences.


  • Live video cloud-based control panel operation
  • Provides access to input settings menu, allows easy input type (ST2110/SDI/NDI) selection
  • Scene creator enables software-based live video output compositing with video, layers, resolutions, transitions and more
  • Multi-viewer video can be monitored in the live view
  • Built-in title generator

  • AT-SF001 Software Key 4K option
  • AT-SF002 Software Key I/O option
  • AT-SF003 Software Key Canvas option
  • AT-SFE03 Software Key NMOS Option
  • AT-SF005 Software Key Audio Mixer Option

Comparing the KC1000 & the KC100

  AT-KC100 AT-KC1000
3G In Up to 32 (with AT-SF002 I/O option) 32
3G Out Up to 16 (with AT-SF002 I/O option) 20
4K UHD In Up to 8 (with AT-SF002 I/O option) 8
4K UHD Out Up to 4 (with AT-SF002 I/O option) 5
RTP/RTMP/RTSP/SRT 6 in, 2 Out, HD only
(RTSP input only)
8 in, 2 Out, HD only (RTSP input only)
NDI 2in, 2 out, HD Only 2in, 2 out, HD Only
Modular Cards for Custom I/O Yes; 8 DeltaCast ports Included (3G, 12G, HDMI, DP) Yes; 8 DeltaCast ports Included (3G, 12G, HDMI, DP)
Canvas Key Optional (up to 8K, 32Mpixels) Included (up to 8K, 32Mpixels)
Max Canvas Output Optional (up to 8K, 32Mpixels) 10-bit Included (up to 8K, 32Mpixels) 10-bit
HD Mixing Layers Unlimited Unlimited
4k Mixing Layers Unlimited Unlimited
IP IO QSFP x 1 (100GbE) QSFP x 1 (100GbE)
RAM Player 8ch, 24GB, Uncompressed 8ch, 64GB, Uncompressed
Image store 750MB storage approx. 12GB storage
Clip Player 2ch, 70GB, Compressed 2ch, 180GB, Compressed
Multiviewer 2;  4K/HD, (up to 36PiP) 2;  4K/HD, (up to 36PiP)
PTP Sync Yes; Support for QSFP and GbE port Yes; Support for QSFP and GbE port
Supports ST2110 Yes Yes
4K SW Key Optional (up to 8K, 32Mpixels) Included (up to 8K, 32Mpixels)
Audio Optional; AES67, Dante compatible w/broadway chip set, 16  Channel mixer w/16 source mapping options. Optional; AES67, Dante compatible w/broadway chip set, 16  Channel mixer w/16 source mapping options.
NMOS Optional Optional
HDR Handling Testing HDR workflow Testing HDR workflow
Redundant power Yes: 2 Yes: 2


KAIROS Alliance Partners



AV Stumpfl Brainstorm Multimedia ChyronHego
Cisco Systems, Inc. Deltacast Densitron grass valley Green Hippo
Imagine Communications Intel KST Moschkau GmbH Leader Intel
Mellanox Technologies NewTek NVIDIA RIEDEL Simplylive
Telestream TSL Products Vizrt    


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