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KAIROS 2000 Core

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Product details

The KAIROS 2000 Core (AT-KC2000) mainframe option offers a higher performance CPU and GPU thereby increasing the system’s video processing capacity and expanded HD and 4K inputs/outputs, and enabling the platform to be utilized in a wider range of more complex productions. Compared to current Cores, AT-KC2000 has increased capacity with 96GB RAM Player, 32GB Stills and 850GB Clip Player. In addition, ST2110 and SDI sources can be recorded for RAM and Still.

Key features

  • The KC2000 will offer the most capacity yet, boasting 200% of input & output capacity compared to current Cores, along with more video processing power and a much larger 850 GB internal clip player
  • Support 2022-7 network redundancy when connected to two 100Gb ST 2110 networks
  • The 4RU Chassis offer significantly reduced noise levels appropriate to run in venue or studio
  • Reduced noise levels appropriate to run in venue or studio
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