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KAIROS Live Video Production Platform

Meet KAIROS - Live Video Production Solution

The Power to Craft Every Moment

The KAIROS live production platform is a revolution in how live video content is created. Achieving flexibility in all levels of production unlike any existing hardware-based systems, KAIROS breaks new ground for live video production.

KAIROS Control Panel Hero Image

Introduction to the KAIROS System

The word “Kairos” describes the opportune moment in time and space to make a decision or to deliver an argument; the moment you have the clarity to move forward. This is the KAIROS moment.

KAIROS is a live production platform that gives professionals unlimited control to deliver rich content for broadcast, large screen display and live streams. It’s ability to produce 4K HDR images provides the best in picture quality. KAIROS adds ST 2110 to its standard baseband and streaming connectivity for unparalleled input/output flexibility that pairs perfectly with today’s requirement for both local and remote contribution to content creation. Users experience a quick learning curve with an intuitive layer-based interface for powerful content creation.

KAIROS meets industry standards for professional IP-based video performance, utilizing IT ecosystems based on COTS technology that easily expand its functions through links to external devices. 

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JT-NM Tested_NMOS.jpg

ProductionHub Awards of Excellence for KAIROS Solution

Winner of the 2022 ProductionHUB Awards of Excellence

The ProductionHUB Awards of Excellence recognize exceptional technological innovation.

Best of Show Winner Award TV Technology

Winner of TV Tech Best of Show Awards at 2023 NAB Show

Key Benefits of the KAIROS Solution

KAIROS is the ultimate IT/IP platform solution that gives you unlimited control to unleash your creative vision and craft amazingly immersive experiences. KAIROS is more than a typical switcher as it frees you from the constraints of a traditional hardware-based system. KAIROS offers unrestricted flexibility of input, output, and operation for the efficient production of live video that captivates audiences. Here are the key benefits of deploying the KAIROS solution for your live video processing needs.

KAIROS Layer type_Gpu

Creative freedom of layer-based content creation

Unlike a conventional production switcher, KAIROS allows as many video layers as the GPU capacity permits. User-defined keys and scaling can be set in each layer without any restrictions. Various effects can be added to each layer. Because KAIROS processing latency can be as low as one frame, sports and concert performances can be presented with the ambiance intact and lip-sync is easily achieved. 

  • Unlimited number of scenes (MEs) and layers (keys) for complex video composition. 
  • Priority changes simply by switching between front and back layers. 
  • Cropping, resizing, and color correction are available for each layer. 
  • X/Y, size, resolution, color theme, and macro can be set for each scene. 
  • Scene files can be created in advance, duplicated, and reused. 
  • Layer material and scene output can be assigned to cross-point buttons. 
  • Intuitive and easy-to-understand GUI for simple operator training.
multi-screen operation using KAIROS

Multi-screen, Format-free "CANVAS"

KAIROS allows for resolution- and format-independent operation. Mixed input sources with different resolutions, such as HD and UHD, can be processed simultaneously. For instance, it enables the production of media not only in the standard 16:9 format, but also in the 32:9 format suitable for display walls. 

  • Produce video in unconventional aspect ratio formats without a multi-screen processor.
  • Output to multiple screens in multiple aspect ratio formats and resolutions from a single mainframe. 
  • Canvas function with a maximum capacity of 32MP eliminates the need for external equipment and provides the ability to composite all sources with minimal latency for dynamic LED shows.
IO configuration with KAIROS

Flexible I/O and Video Formats

KAIROS fully supports baseband and IP signals such as SDI, ST 2110 and NDI in any combination without external conversion. As a native IP system, KAIROS also supports PTP (Precision Time Protocol) synchronization and is well suited to remote video production as part of a completely IP-based environment. 

  • Directly input ST 2110, NDI IP signals and SRT/RTMP/RTSP/RTP streaming signals without conversion
  • Different resolutions, frame rates and interlaced/progressive video can be input directly without any video format conversion.
  • Output signals can be adjusted flexibly with parallel output of multiple video formats
KAIROS live production switcher

Streamline Operations

KAIROS is based on a new concept and architecture. It incorporates newly developed ground-breaking software that processes ST 2110 and NDI streams of any resolution. This open architecture platform facilitates the linkage of diverse external sources and destinations as well as the integration of hardware and software systems, ensuring complete operational freedom at all levels. 

  • Native ST 2110 system supports transitions to live IP workflows and can eliminate dedicated hardware constraints.
  • Supports native connection to NDI equipment, minimizing system setup and reducing points of failure.
  • Smart delegation allows all functions to be assigned to a panel and dynamically recalled, streamlining the production workflow by providing access to all technical director functions from the panel.
  • Four independent, fully customizable Multi-Views enable sharing of video resources within the production team to streamline and decentralize operations.
  • Seamless workflow with tally and device controls not only for Panasonic cameras but also with alliance partner equipment
multi-operation and remote operation KAIROS

Native REMI Production

Whether your production requires distributed or centralized production, KAIROS easily adapts to the requirements of the moment. 

  • Connect Multiple control panels to one mainframe over IP for multi-operation. 
  • Independent uncompressed clip stores, clip players, and stills allow users to create their own playlists with instantaneous access eliminating the need for external devices.
  • KAIROS can be accessed and controlled using the Kairos Creator enabling remote operation and resource sharing even when operators are not on-site or in the studio
  • Centralized control of Panasonic PTZ cameras and third-party equipment.
  • Supports low latency and high-quality SRT for native remote production.
KAIROS Linux OS Platform

Open Architecture for Collaboration and Reliability

  • Expanding functionality through ongoing software updates and new options. 
  • Open architecture for easy integration with third-party equipment and systems.
  • Potential future developments through collaboration with KAIROS Alliance Partners
  • Customized Linux OS running on industrial hardware for the utmost reliability

KAIROS User Stories

globestream softball

GlobeStream Media & USA Softball

KAIROS System Components & Configuration

Here are the key components of the KAIROS live video processing system solution.

  • 4K Option (AT-SF001 Software Key)
  • I/O Option (AT-SF002 Software Key)
  • Canvas Option (AT-SF003 Software Key)
  • NMOS Option (AT-SFE03 Software Key)
  • Audio Mixer Option (AT-SF005 Software Key)
  • RossTalk Option for XPression (AT-SFE01 Software Key)

KAIROS Alliance Partners

KAIROS utilizes a variety of IT ecosystems based on COTS technology and easily expands functions and integration with external devices by adding application software. Panasonic Connect partners with companies that are actively supporting KAIROS by disclosing device connection verification to users and technical cooperation to provide a more integrated system, such as control communication. We continue to strengthen the KAIROS Alliance and add more partners.




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