Error Proofing

Error Proofing

Prevent a process from producing defects and increase quality with Panasonic’s wireless programmable tools and quality control monitoring system. The tools have quick set features to provide an inexpensive way to quickly error proof the assembly process optimizing quality control. Incorporating our Qualifiers with the assembly line can ensure the correct tool is used, each fastener is installed correctly and has the ability to send data to over the network.

What is Error Proofing?

Learn how to increase productivity, improve work ethics and reduce rework to maximize overall profits.

Error Proofing with Mechanical Pulse Tools

Our programmable tools include quick set features that can be enabled with a remote control to prevent installing a fastener incorrectly.

Error Proofing with Precision Clutch Tools

Take full control of the fastening process with advanced fastening features to maximize error proofing.

Error Proofing with Qualifiers

A single tool Assembly Qualifier for a specific application or a multi-tool Assembly Qualifier for versatile error proofing options, the Panasonic Assembly Qualifiers deliver the solution you need.