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Smart Manufacturing Hero

More than smart machinery

Panasonic provides smart, connected, customizable manufacturing solutions that boost operational efficiency, increase visibility—and further your Industry 4.0 digitization initiatives.

Your Digital Transformation Partner

Looking to reduce costs, increase equipment utilization and improve product quality? Panasonic—one of the world’s largest manufacturers—can help you plan, select, and implement a smart, connected solution that solves these challenges by increasing efficiency, enhancing operational visibility and better controlling end-to-end production. We use these same technology solutions in Panasonic factories.

Built on scalable software for the manufacturing floor, our smart solutions can connect equipment (new and existing), control processes, track and trace materials and manage assets. Wherever you are on your digital transformation journey, we can provide flexible, customizable solutions and agile system integration designed specifically for your business now and in the future.

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Target the efficiency gains that matter to your business

Panasonic has over 100 years as a manufacturer and more than 30 years of experience developing customizable solutions to boost production output, factory capacity utilization and labor productivity. Our consulting services can help you develop strategies for your needs with a view to future manufacturing initiatives.
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Up production capacity and productivity

Embed and integrate agile processes, tools, and technologies to meet specific efficiency goals, drive growth, and stay competitive. We offer connected operational control supported by actionable data for smart manufacturing decisions that continually increase production capacity and productivity.
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Achieve a better ROI/TCO with certified KPIs

We know you can achieve rapid ROI and low TCO. How? We build and test the same software we offer to customers in our own manufacturing facilities. We pursue the same KPIs: Improve overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), decrease production costs and improve first pass and overall quality yields.

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