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The New Digital Wave of Manufacturing

From construction equipment requiring the highest torque on the biggest bolts, to driving screws so small the human hand can’t hold them, we’re helping 21st century manufacturers get the most out of Industry 4.0 technologies.

What is Industry 4.0?

Big data, smart factory, automation, advanced analytics, the Internet of Things, cloud computing, and Wi-Fi connectivity. Each term has meaning on its own, but Industry 4.0 is the common thread that ties them together in the new age of manufacturing. McKinsey ingeniously defines Industry 4.0 as the next phase in the digitization of the manufacturing sector.

Used in industrial applications from auto manufacturing to electronics to mining, disruptive digital trends are changing the way manufacturers capture, use, and share data. A small sampling of business benefits: better decision-making that helps increase production efficiency, reduce costs, improve quality, and streamline all aspects of the factory and supply chain. There is data available for whatever piece of production information you want to know, just ask.

From the smallest screw to the largest bolt, we're helping today's manufacturers operate in the middle of disruption.

The future of digitized manufacturing

And that’s just what’s possible now. By next year manufacturing processes will have evolved. 3-D printing is revolutionizing product development and prototyping daily. Once used for household trinkets and toys, 3-D printing now produces detailed prototypes for jet engines, bridges, and heavy equipment. In addition, the use of robotics and AI are now more affordable to organizations of all sizes, meaning wide-scale use is on the horizon.

Adoption is happening, but for some companies, assembly and production processes may be changing too fast. Most of us agree that change is good, but keeping up with it all presents challenges. Retooling, upskilling your workforce, and product development, to name a few, must be aligned and on pace with company business objectives.

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Prepare for the digital transformation

As digital trends gain momentum, Panasonic operates in the middle of the disruption. Helping manufacturers gain a leg up on their competition, our most advanced assembly tools push production forward at a faster pace.

From construction equipment requiring the highest torque on the biggest bolts, to driving screws so small the human hand can’t hold them, we’re leading 21st century manufacturing to get the most out of Industry 4.0 technologies.

Panasonic smart tools enable wireless connectivity with existing plant MES systems to gather important tool operation data. Make key decisions in real time and change tool settings on the fly to optimize efficiency and reduce human error on any application. Data analytics helps production teams gain greater visibility into processes and identify opportunities for continuous improvement and optimal asset utilization. 

Welcome to Industry 4.0, where communication and connectivity rule. Find out how Panasonic can help you join the next industrial revolution. Fill out the form below and let's connect.

Assembly Tool Solutions

Complete assembly solutions all in one place. Because revolutionizing the world starts on the assembly line.

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AccuPulse 4.0 Transducerized

AccuPulse 4.0 Transducerized equips data-driven assembly lines with the most advanced cordless mechanical pulse tools available. The combination of meticulous accuracy and two-way wireless communication adds another layer of automation, efficiency and versatility to every corner of your plant.

n-gineric micro fastening solutions

Industry 4.0-compliant adaptive screw tightening strategies for applications that require precise, high-speed fastening of small parts.

Today’s most powerful machines fit in your pocket and evolve daily. n-gineric micro sensor torque driver systems streamline mobile device manufacturing with extreme accuracy. Quickly deploy repeatable precision and efficiency required for large-scale assembly of smartphones, printed circuit boards, computer components, and mobile devices.