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Effective manufacturing starts with processes, SMT equipment and MES solutions to drive throughput, lower scrap rates and drive efficiencies.

You need turn-key factory solutions. You need automation. Less downtime. Lower defects. No rework.

No matter if you’re high mix/low volume, low mix/high volume, or anywhere in between, Panasonic Connect Factory Automation Solutions including Panasonic Connect equipment, MES software, and other services can improve throughput and efficiency while keeping quality reliably high. Give us your toughest manufacturing challenges, we'll provide a next-gen solution.


Electronics Assembly Manufacturing Technologies

Panasonic Connect offers highly reliable electronics assembly software & equipment for the surface mount technology (SMT), pin through hole (PTH), and microelectronics back-end packaging processes of any-mix circuit manufacturing. From screen printers and dispensing, high-speed component placement and inspection, to axial and radial insertion, die bonding, die attach and flip chip, we provide MES software & IoT enabled equipment that is used all over the world to maximize production output.


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PanaCIM® Software

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PanaCIM Enterprise Edition is a multi-level manufacturing execution system (MES) software solution for any size manufacturer.
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Realize the efficiencies of reduced labor costs and raw material inventory, and maintain optimal profitability by minimizing downtime.
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Complete tracking solution for assets, maintenance work and spare parts.
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A complete, enterprise-level software solution especially suited to tracking and controlling electronics production.

Order Parts, Support & Consulting

As a manufacturer, Panasonic Connect understands the evolving demands of today’s electronics assembly environment. While quality equipment and the right MES software are part of the equation for maximizing factory productivity, total manufacturing solutions also require a broad technical support network and other products and services that can keep your lines running and profitable.

From online training and technical assistance on the phone to a global service team ready for dispatch, our support team can aid with basic questions and initial setup to break-fix situations and provide preventative maintenance. Process solutions for reducing scrap and rework costs or other big-picture concerns are accessible through our Enterprise Consulting team.

To help keep your placements accurate and reduce overall downtime we offer solutions for calibration and certification. And if you staff needs any additional skills, training can be provided for equipment and software either in-person or online. OEM Parts and quick-turn-around custom nozzles as well as lower-cost rebuilt feeders and purchasing programs can help you find the right tools for your application.

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Insist on Genuine Panasonic OEM parts to maximize your equipment’s performance. For standard parts, eCommerce is available 24/7 for your convenience. For custom applications and personal service, you can reach our team during business hours.
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We offer scalable support and technical assistance with our global service team ready for dispatch and a Technical Assistance Center that can aid with basic questions and initial setup to break-fix situations.
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Our Lean Manufacturing Consulting services and training classes are designed to help you to get maximum return from your capital equipment investment by making products flow through your value-added processes without interruption.

Welding Equipment & Robotics

Since introducing the AC Welding machine with built-in condenser in 1957, Panasonic has been a global leader of arc welding technology—providing high quality welding solutions from power sources to robots to software.

Welding Software

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Panasonic’s globally-deployed desktop software package that allows users to fully design and edit welding functions in 3D.
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Software for Middle Plates and Thick Plates adds increased arc sensor functionality for high current and pulse welding to your operation.

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