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Panasonic TOUGHBOOK® rugged laptops and handheld computers are part of a complete solution combining hardware, software and services for those who work in harsh environments day in and day out. TOUGHBOOK devices are designed specifically for those who use them, and they have the reliability needed to accomplish a safe and successful workday.

Mobile Solutions True to Your Work

Tackle your toughest work assignments with the right combination of incredibly reliable hardware, industry-leading software and services ranging from field engineering to deployment. Durable and dependable, Panasonic TOUGHBOOK laptops, tablets and handhelds are indispensable tools designed to take on whatever the job throws your way. Put one in your toolkit.
Product design: Thermal Imaging

Product design: thermal imaging

Thermal imaging combined with mobile technology: purpose-built innovation for what needs to be done.

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Services: Deployment

Services: Deployment

We can make it easy to grab your field-ready TOUGHBOOK rugged computers right out of the box and get to work.

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Trusted Advisor

Trusted advisor

We listen to our customers so we can continue to innovate, providing products, services and apps that uniquely meet the needs of our customers.

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Product design: Thermal Imaging

Thermal technology combined with a mobile device enables images to be captured, analyzed, and shared.

  • Simplifies tasks and improving speed, accuracy and safety of the work you do.
  • Eliminates the need for a separate, expensive thermal gun
  • Maintenance / Inspections (mechanical and electrical)
  • Construction 
  • Police work 
  • Fire safety

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Services: Deployment

Deployment support package that is tailor-made for your environment

  • Ready to get to work faster
  • Simplify IT 
  • Image loading
  • Full testing
  • And more…

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Trusted Advisor

Panasonic works closely with customers to deeply understand the business problems and job requirements in each environment.

  • We can help you build a customizable solution that combines the right hardware, software, and services for your needs.
  • This also helps us develop innovative new technologies to make our devices better now and in the future.

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