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Federal Defense

The intel to get in, get out and get back

Every day you’re faced with moments when critical choices must be made. To help you perform at your best, Panasonic TOUGHBOOK® hardware, software and services provide the real-time intelligence you need to complete missions effectively.


Our 1.3 million active-duty and reserve forces must be ready to deploy at any moment. With Panasonic Connect mobile solutions, every unit can perform flawlessly so that troops and supplies arrive at the right place, combat and transport vehicles are at the ready and warfighters tackle their missions equipped with real-time intelligence.

icon situational awareness
Tactical operations demand quick thinking. By combining extremely durable, reliable mobile devices with apps like ATAK, KILSWITCH and hC2, warfighters can carry out precision targeting, share data and monitor assets and gain situational awareness, informing prompt actions in mission critical scenarios.
icon military logistics
Military deployments aren’t simple. With so many variables, logistics have to check inventory, order supplies, review equipment needs, schedule maintenance and arrange transport from where ever they are to meet demanding timeframes.
icon system integration
For mission-critical systems, every component must work together flawlessly. Military personnel need tough, flexible mobile devices with superior engineering that integrate seamlessly with military software and equipment to provide industry-leading solutions that operate anytime, anywhere, under any conditions.


five reasons tough book


toughbook 55 laptop
This Windows® laptop offers exceptional flexibility with user-removable expansion areas for optical drives, authentication readers and more. Up to 40-hour battery. Ideal for maintenance, shipboard use and field communications.
toughbook n1 tactical handheld
Our 4.7" Android® handheld is designed for situational awareness apps like ATAK, KILSWITCH and hC2. It is fully rugged with IP and MIL-STD-810G certifications and features anti-reflective daylight-readable display and rain-sensing and glove touch modes.
TOUGHBOOK 40 hero blank screen
The 14” fully-rugged laptop offers unrivaled flexibility in even the most demanding and unpredictable environments with its class leading eight modular areas including its innovative modular expansion packs (xPAK’s).

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