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24/7 insights that keep factory operations running like clockwork

Every day you’re faced with moments when critical choices must be made. To help you perform at your best, Panasonic TOUGHBOOK® hardware, software and services provide the information you need to optimize, operations and deliver on customer expectations.


To stay ahead of the competition, your workforce needs to work fast, access and share real-time information, and keep machines running. Panasonic Connect mobile solutions empower every line worker, production supervisor, and quality control manager and maintenance engineer to help you realize your vision of the smart, efficient factory.

Boost Productivity
Automation is helping manufacturers keep up with workloads. Mobile solutions connect workers and plant managers to production systems and the supply chain for improved efficiency, increased visibility, and better decision-making across manufacturing operations.
icon monitor production
Manufacturers are trying to simultaneously hire for open positions and incorporate more automation to keep up with production. Monitoring processes and using data to improve efficiency are crucial to overcoming the labor shortage.
icon maximize uptime
Equipment breaks down. By itself, Internet of Things (IoT) machine data that alerts field maintenance engineers to potential parts failures won’t keep the production line moving. Smart analytics technology helps you service and repair equipment faster.



TOUGHBOOK 40 hero blank screen
The 14” fully-rugged laptop offers unrivaled flexibility in even the most demanding and unpredictable environments with its class leading eight modular areas including its innovative modular expansion packs (xPAK’s).
Panasonic TOUGHBOOK G2 Hero
A groundbreaking modular device with a 2-in-1 design and three expansion areas that offer 36 different configurations. Features a 10.1” Windows® tablet, biometric user authentication, an 18.5-hour battery and backwards compatibility with most docks.
toughbook 33 2 in 1 laptop
The first fully rugged 2-in-1 features a 3:2-aspect detachable screen that improves the display of programs like computer-aided dispatch (CAD); can be viewed in rain, sunlight or at night; and responds to glove-touch. Option: FirstNet Ready™ EM7511 Band 14 mobile broadband.

Rugged Mobility for Business

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