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Panasonic Connect

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Change work. Advance society. Connect to tomorrow.

At Panasonic Connect, we harness our decades of expertise and listen to our customers to provide innovative, forward-looking solutions that help you reach specific goals and meet evolving industry demands. What sets us apart as a leading technology provider is our ecosystem of partners, innovators and integrators that we work with to connect customers to the right technologies that move your business forward.

Realize your business’s full potential

When you work with Panasonic Connect, you gain access to our team of professionals, who connect you with what you need to succeed today and tomorrow. Our diverse portfolio of offerings includes rugged mobile tools, digital content systems, restaurant technology and industrial equipment. Everything we provide is connected, from hardware and software to smart components and autonomous systems, empowering your workforce to work smarter, faster and more efficiently.
Connect to Innovative Technology

Connect to innovative technology

We face our customers’ challenges alongside them to create future-focused technologies. We’re constantly testing, innovating and evolving to drive industry transformations and help work get done with speed, accuracy and consistency.
Connect to new possibilities

Connect to new possibilities

Panasonic Connect takes an open approach to creatively solving problems of any size or scope. We leverage our growing ecosystem of partners, providers and integrators with industry-specific knowledge to deploy, service and support our technologies.
Greater Impact

Connect to greater impact

By connecting people, processes and solutions, we revolutionize how work gets done, so that you can create positive impact in the lives of the people and communities you serve.

See how Panasonic Connect can advance your business

Our TOUGHBOOK® rugged mobile solutions are changing the way people work by delivering smart answers to tough, real-world problems.
Our professional AV technologies help you bring your creative vision to life—capturing unique moments and shaping them into awe-inspiring experiences for shared audiences.
Connect restaurant technologies into a holistic solution to optimize your operations and improve every step of the customer journey.
Our comprehensive advanced solutions can help you spread intelligence across your factory by connecting your operations and optimizing processes.
Panasonic Connect Professional Services Customer Engagement Center

Panasonic Connect Professional Services

Our US-based, highly trained staff of technicians provide expertise ranging from hardware integration and warranty support to product customization and field-ready kitting. Our multilingual customer engagement specialists are on standby, ready to assist your team with advanced troubleshooting and diagnostics 24/7/365.

Panasonic Connect is committed to providing best-in-class service and solutions, ensuring successful outcomes and enhancing the customer’s experience.

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