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Make a bold first impression with dynamic digital signage and large-format, interactive displays. Panasonic can help upgrade your entrance with a complete turnkey solution that includes commercial-grade hardware designed to run 24-7, system design and integration, installation, and long-term service.

Orient Visitors In An Instant

Digital signs at entrances and ticketing areas let you present fixed information — like museum hours and prices — and gives you endless digital space for presenting new exhibits and promoting events, while keeping visitors informed. You’ll be able to grab and hold their attention even in bright sun and at extreme viewing angles, thanks to our In-Plane Switching (IPS) LCD technology. Because Panasonic professional displays have a 100,000-hour service life, you’ll be able to captivate your visitors for years to come with more cost-effective communications than printing flyers and banners.

Put Your Entire Museum At Visitors' Fingertips

Transform wayfinding into an immersive and interactive experience that can give visitors a vibrant taste of what awaits in your museum with Panasonic interactive professional displays. These professional-grade displays support full, multi-touch gestures, zooms and swipes. Because they can be driven by full- powered, Slot2.0 onboard PCs, you can provide vivid experiences with rich media and graphics with faster boot and response times. Plus, on board PCs drastically simplify system design and make set-up and installation a breeze.

Museum interactive displays

Interactive displays let fingers do the walking through maps and directories

Need help creating content? Panasonic Museum Solutions partners with world-class designer firms who can help you translate your vision into fluid reality.

Museum surveillance cameras

Secure Your Guests, Preserve Your Ambience

Security is a necessity in museum spaces but large cameras can destroy the aesthetics of finely crafted exhibits, and few guests like to feel as if their every move is being watched. Panasonic museum security solutions combine intelligent, easy-to-use digital network recorders with a wide range of surveillance cameras designed to enhance security without ruining your museum's ambiance.

For example, a single Panasonic 360-degree dome camera can provide continuous 1080p HD coverage of an entire lobby from unobtrusive housing no bigger than a smoke alarm. Like all of our surveillance cameras, it captures truly stunning HD images that can transform areas of harsh glare and dim shadows into crystal-clear footage.