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Hotel owner finally finds solution for smelly guest rooms

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Cost-effectively eliminate odors in guest rooms from food, pets and smoking.


Installing Panasonic WhisperAir Repair® air purification device.


Noticeable reduction of odors and fresher air in guest room.


Project Details

Customer: Comfort Inn - 9350 Kearny Mesa Rd, San Diego, CA

Property type: Hotel

Owner: Bob Patel

Problem: Long-stay guests are allowed to cook, smoke and have service pets in designated guest rooms, which can leave behind unpleasant odors. 

Products used: Panasonic WhisperAir Repair


Comfort Inn owner, Bob Patel, owns several hotels where he allows cooking, smoking and pets. Obviously, these activities produce strong odors. Since new guests are coming from all over the world and expect a fresh smelling room, the cleaning staff must do a deep clean and deodorization when guests checkout.

This process is time-consuming, costly and negatively affects the hotel’s bottom line. Patel was searching for a budget-friendly solution that could automatically and cost-effectively eliminate these bad odors in guest rooms.

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His unsuccessful search for a solution took a turn for the better when he met a local Panasonic Indoor Air Quality representative at the Hotelier Expo. After he heard about the unique air deodorizing benefits of WhisperAir Repair, Patel was thrilled to find out he won a unit at the show. 

WhisperAir Repair, which mounts easily in the ceiling and requires no duct work, was installed and hotel staff waited to see if the next guest’s odors disappeared as advertised.


The Panasonic representative followed up with Patel a month later and here’s what we learned:

The hotel had a 30-day-stay customer with no WhisperAir Repair installed in the 200 square foot room. Ten days into the stay there were noticeable odors from cooking food and a companion pet.

Shortly after installing the WhisperAir Repair into this occupied room, guests and staff noticed an improvement in the air. 

WhisperAir Repair helps promote healthier indoor air quality and well-being in every property. The owner and manager were delighted with the Panasonic solution and are planning to install WhisperAir Repair units in all guest rooms. Patel can now build his reputation as a business that cares about his guests, increase bookings, and watch his bottom line grow.

That’s a fresh breath of air for every hotel operator.