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Immersive Experiences & the Brand Theater


Immersive Experiences & the Brand Theater


Projection is the art of transforming the environment using technology that’s transparent to the visitor.

This interactive space shows how Panasonic’s immersive experience technologies empower retail and educational facilities, theme parks, museums, houses-of-worship and entertainment venues to create unforgettable experiences.

Audiences today expect to be moved. Wowed. Transported. High expectations for sure, but we’ve reimagined live experiences from start to finish to ensure fans leave with lasting memories. See how this happens in Panasonic’s Brand Theater, where visitors take a journey guided by high brightness projection, emerging image capture and audio technology and Real-time Tracking and Projection Mapping that brings together digital and physical worlds.

Step inside Pandora – The World of Avatar, a land at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park. Travel to Russia for the Moscow International Festival “Circle of Light” where artists produce multimedia and light installations using urban spaces as a canvas. 

Join HBO’s Game of Thrones opening bash. See how advanced projectors dynamically render floor-to-ceiling images in crisp detail on curved spaces and other irregular forms while high speed projection mapping blurs the line between real and unreal.

Brands that seek to tell a singular story engage in serious competition with always-on mobile devices and digital signage that permeate public environments. They also vie with the high-tech world of sensory marketing designed to appeal to all the human senses, to engage emotions and influence purchasing behavior.

Panasonic’s advanced technology allows people everywhere to feel the passion and excitement of immersive experiences.