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Designed to help eliminate rework and meet your production deadlines while reducing operating expenses and line downtime. The suite of Panasonic Connect Material Management solutions connects your entire operation, so you have the right materials exactly where and when you need them – without wasting labor setting up new jobs or locating supplies.

Realize the efficiencies of reduced labor costs and raw material inventory and maintain optimal profitability by minimizing downtime stemming from staffing or material shortages while reducing changeover times.


Material Management Key Features

  • Scrap Rate visibility promotes a reduction in scrap and ensure materials received are within specification and setup properly in production to reduce rework
  • Integrate PanaCIM's Material Control feature with external systems to optimize material flow and floor space throughout your operation through our network of partner solutions that automate material management tasks
  • Decrease operating expenses by allocating labor efficiently with optimized labor scheduling
  • Minimize excess material purchases to mitigate the risk of production stoppages due to material management inefficiencies
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Maintain optimal profitability

Minimize downtime stemming from staffing or material shortages by locating and picking raw materials using scanning hardware and autonomous material delivery, while gaining inventory insights through detailed reporting.

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Reduce raw material inventory

PanaCIM’s Material Control feature makes sure you have the right materials exactly when you need them. With the ability to integrate with a vast portfolio of third-party hardware, real-time reporting of raw material stock levels means you’ll never run out of the goods you need to keep your operation running.

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