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Welcome to Factory Innovations of 2021


Panasonic prides itself on developing factory innovations which translate into an increase in production and a Return on Investment. Connect with a team member of our industry experts who will help define needs and address solutions. Simply click on the link below to set up an appointment and discuss how Panasonic’s innovations in manufacturing can help transform your operations.


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Panasonic is changing the way work is done by developing and supporting innovative manufacturing processes around the core of circuit manufacturing technologies and computer-integrated manufacturing software. We contribute to the growth and prosperity of our customers’ businesses regardless of their operation’s mix or volume.

SMT Hardware

We offer hardware solutions from entry-level to the most complex odd-form requirements, and scalable to fit any mix or volume.

Panasonic Surface Mount NPM-WX

Dual- and quad-beam

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Panasonic Surface Mount NPM-DX

Leading-edge, High Volume Placer

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Panasonic Surface Mount NPM-D3A

Latest NPM series D model

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Panasonic NPM-VF

Odd-Form Placement

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Manufacturing Software Solutions

Panasonic’s award-winning factory software solutions are locally developed and globally deployed.

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Comprehensive Service Solution For All Your Technology

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Learn more about our broad range of additional services from consultation, deployment, extended warranties and predictive maintenance.

We’ll work with you to build a scalable service solution to suit your operation’s specific needs.