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Asset Performance Maintenance

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Panasonic Connect Asset Performance Maintenance is a complete tracking solution for assets, maintenance work and spare parts…allowing you to improve uptime, reduce overhead costs, and increase lifetime value of assets.

Effective and easy-to-use next-generation manufacturing tracking solution for managing assets from purchase to disposal throughout your entire enterprise.

PanaCIM® Asset Performance Maintenance is a browser-based solution with proven capability to increase factory productivity across multiple industries, including utility and power generation, heavy equipment manufacturing, tool and production machinery, automotive, aerospace, and more.


Asset Performance Maintenance Key Features

  • Adaptable to nearly any industry with functionality that grows with customer requirements
  • Proactive, planned and unplanned maintenance management
  • Automate maintenance based on usage condition of assets
  • Asset Location, Life-cycle Tracking and Work Order Management
  • Resource management, including scheduling and certifications