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Breathtaking, Unique Moves with Robotic Camera Systems

tecnopoint robotic camera dolly with remote camera ptz camera

Next Level Studio Set Moves

Bring a unique level of movement to your remote camera live production workflow with track & pedestal systems, specially designed to integrate with Panasonic PTZ cameras.

Tecnopoint Robotic Camera Systems



Panasonic & Tecnopoint are Bringing Fluid Movement to Your Remote Camera System

Bring a unique level of movement to your remote camera live production workflow with a track system from Tecnopoint specifically designed to integrate with Panasonic’s wide array of PTZ cameras.

The ‘Starter’ and 'Tuning' advanced robotic systems provide broadcast-quality movement of PTZ cameras with the addition of varying combinations of motorized dollies, telescopic columns and ceiling/floor tracks.

Broadcasts, corporations and houses of worship can add production value and creative, broadcast-style shots fusing the fluid pan, tilt and zoom of the gear-driven Panasonic PTZ cameras with the smooth, cinematic vertical/horizontal motion of the Robotic Camera system.

Realizing the Vision: On Set at the Trinity Broadcasting Network

“We would definitely recommend the Panasonic PTZ cameras and the Tecnopoint equipment and we’re already looking to use them for other projects at the network.”

Larry Haley, TBN, Director of Network Operations and Engineering

Features of the Tecnopoint System



tecnopoint controller aw-rp150 ptz control broadcast
tecnopoint controller aw-rp150 ptz control broadcast - mobile

Single Controller Operation

This is the first and only robotic system with tracks to be fully integrated with Panasonic PTZ cameras. The direct system integration allows for full control of the dolly, column and the camera from a single controller. This makes it easily accessible for a single operator.

tecnopoint tuning panasonic pro ptz remote camera track system

Designed for PTZ Cameras

The direct partnership between Tecnopoint and Panasonic ensures that even the smallest of details, like making sure the robotic movements of the Tuning system directly match the remarkable smoothness of the PTZ cameras, aren't overlooked. See how our partner LiveX brings a new level of movement to their remote live production workflow with the Tecnopoint track system and UE150 PTZ cameras.

Compatible Panasonic PTZ Cameras
Compatible Panasonic PTZ Camera Controllers

Plug & Play Installations

At the heart of this system is the Tuning S software. The Tuning S software is plug & play with Panasonic PTZ cameras. Just install it on a Windows device and connect your system for full control of the cameras and the Tuning system components.

ptz camera dolly with direct integration

Robust System Build

The TUNING system has a solid build to ensure high stability, structural balance, and lasting performance indoors or outdoors. Whether you're installing it permanently in a studio or taking it on the road, you can be sure that the system components are built to high manufacturing standards of wear and tear resistance, as well as the hazards of live production.

tecnopoint camera dolly system with antistatic surface

Safe & Sophisticated Components

The system has been engineered to be as low profile and non-intrusive as possible. An integrated cable management system, along with its anti-static carpet allows for a clean, low-profile installation and safe movement. The internal motors and its worm gear are engineered for quiet operation suitable for any noise-sensitive live production environment. A tooth belt connects the front and rear axes to provide the maximum amount of traction force.

rental camera dolly elevator track systems for ptz cameras

Rental & Staging Ready

The TUNING system can be easily assembled and disassembled for special events across town or across the globe. Its weight is reasonable enough to provide maximum stability, while the modular design simplifies shipping and transportation and allows for quick on-site set-up and speedy post-show strike.

live production camera movement systems for smooth automated video production

Modular Show Design Creativity

The system can be designed with your current and future live productions needs in mind. Install various tracks and add up to 2 dollies on a track. The system has been designed to adapt to flexible configuration options, accounting for various payloads, along with an equipped intelligent collision avoidance system for extra safety. The two pipe rails are electrically insulated to simplify future upgrades and to reduce interference.

Shot Sequencing & Repeatable Camera Motion

The TUNING S software allows you to create up to 100 different customized shot positions using keyframes across an extended 4-axis plane, incorporating pan, tilt, horizontal and vertical positioning. Sequences of movement with all the axes, including pant/tilt/zoom/focus can be synchronized to automate your live production and give you amazing, smooth on-air results. Additionally, these sequences can be named for optimal customization.

tecnopoint and panasonic ptz camera preset thumbnails using Tuning S software

Camera Preset Thumbnails

All your saved shot positions and sequences can be recalled with precision via preset thumbnail icons, similar to those found in sophisticated broadcast technology systems. This helps eliminate the need for operators to memorize all the positions on a keyboard. To make operation even smoother, operators can select multiple scenes via the controller to execute sequential movements through multiple keyframes. Additionally, these presets can be named for optimal customization.

Integrated AR / VR Positioning

The Panasonic PTZ camera and TUNING track dolly position can be sent in real-time to a 3rd party system for precise integration with an Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality environment. Panasonic's AW-UE150 PTZ camera features integrated FreeD support for even more accurate positioning.

aw-ue150 ptz camera on tecnopoint ceiling dolly truss track for live video productions

Advanced New Camera Moves

Go beyond the basic moves of a simple dolly or a jib. With the direct integration of Panasonic PTZ cameras and the TUNING robotic system, an entirely new world of camera movement is made possible. Now instead of being stuck making moves in a 2-axis environment, you are now free to create visual magic across 4-axes. Using various combinations of floor dollies, ceiling dollies, and robotic telescopic columns you can create impressive, smooth on-air shots ideal for live broadcast, streaming, or IMAG. The system features a total of 6 axis, including pan, tilt, zoom, focus, column and dolly.

tecnopoint tuning system operation with aw-rp150 panasonic ptz camera controller

Easy Single Operator Control

The TUNING system is designed for one-person operation from a touch screen display, where up to 10 PTZ cameras, each functioning on different Tecnopoint system devices can be controlled from a single unit. Thanks to a user-friendly graphics interface based on thumbnails, keyframes, and icons, operation is easy, secure and can be quickly understood, whether by a seasoned broadcast engineer or even a first-time volunteer.

Smooth Live Camera On-Air Movement

The TUNING robotic system excels in environments where the level of expected production value is high and held to professional standards. The combination of camera & robotic system movements produces a whole new range of possible shots and cinematic movements. The smoothness and stability of the rail system, the beauty of the sweeping motions, and the ability to ramp-down for super slow movements or dial-up for quick moves across a set are a marvel of engineering. Jittery, jumpy, abrupt and confusing camera shots are a thing of the past with a high-traction dolly mechanism and synchronized drive-motors eliminating any potential track slip.

technopoint tuning totem with panasonic ptz camera for rental and staging smooth live video production

Professional, Cost Effective Solutions

With Panasonic PTZ cameras and the Tecnopoint TUNING system, you can equip your live production with amazing video quality and cinematic camera movement at a much lower cost than other solutions available on the market. With an easy-to-use interface, up to 10 camera systems can be controlled by a single operator, reducing operational costs.

tuning logo tecnopoint panasonic ue150 remote camera ptz systems full width


Tecnopoint TUNING System Components

Dive deeper into the components of the Tecnopoint Tuning system listed below for a more technical understanding of how this revolutionary robotic camera movement system comes together. With the direct Panasonic PTZ remote camera and Tecnopoint Tuning integration, system configuration is made fast & easy.

Tecnopoint TUNING S Software


Tecnopoint TUNING Control Panel


Tecnopoint TUNING Dolly


Tecnopoint TUNING Dolly + Totem


Tecnopoint TUNING Totem 80


Tecnopoint TUNING Descender


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