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Electric-Assist Bicycles

Electric-assist bicycle

Powering the future of two-wheel mobility

Our expertise in EV mobility is empowering more riders to jump on the eBike bandwagon, enabling fun, eco-friendly transportation that’s a smarter way to get around town.

Helping Kent get America moving


Building on our vision to help electrify two-wheel mobility in the U.S., we’ve teamed up with Kent International Inc. to bring new entries to the eBike market. Panasonic is partnering with the leading bicycle manufacturer to launch three electric-assist bicycle models under two brands with three models, providing batteries and more compact, powerful and versatile motors.

Panasonic is powering the Van Dessel Gravel PASSEPARTOUT eBike and CAPTAIN SHRED Mountain eBike with our new GX0 motor system, boasting an innovative casting design that makes its 2.95kg weight and 90Nm of torque an industry leading weight-to-power advantage. This motor is also engineered to be compatible with status and fitness applications, capable of providing helpful data like battery life, distance, pace, and more. The Univega UVG-1 USA Touring eBike is the first lifestyle offering for the bike brand, and will feature Panasonic’s X0 motor system, weighing in at 3.7kg and delivering 80Nm of torque.

These new eBike offerings align with the two-wheel mobility craze that has caught on globally and meet America’s accelerating demands for electric-assist bicycles for recreation, fitness and commuting.

The smart, eco-friendly way to enjoy the journey

Panasonic is a leader in smart, environmentally-responsible transportation, providing next generation energy solutions and new connectivity for vehicles from four wheels to two, in categories including industrial and autonomous. And now we’re at the forefront of future mobility, powering electric-assist bicycles with inspired engineering that bring this emerging transportation alternative to a broader population. Our compact, high-performance motors and intelligent tech enable new design opportunities for top bike brands, including Kent International, anticipating the needs of a growing cycling culture that is ready to be electrified and connected.

Ebike boom
The U.S. market is embracing the cycling culture now more than ever. Following our success in Asia producing eBikes, we are excited to build on our vision to help electrify two-wheel mobility to meet consumers’ demands for this fun, family-friendly bicycling option.
Reid Sigety, Vice President Business Development, Panasonic Automotive

Designed for an urban-friendly commute

Americans are living longer, metro areas are getting denser, and traffic in our cities is among the worst in the world. Many urban planners have taken note and are making it easier to bike, catching up with the way two-thirds of the world travels to work and around town. Like a bicycle, but equipped with a motor, batteries and a control system, eBikes enable riders of all fitness levels to cover a lot more ground in less time and ascend hilly terrain without the huff and puff.

Not just for joy rides, this emerging commute option is poised to transform future urban mobility. During rush hour, eBikers can beat the frustration of city gridlock and arrive at the office relaxed, even invigorated. As increasingly more people flock to cities, space will be at a premium – eBikes take up less space, on the road, and to park. They’re also less sweat-inducing than a traditional bike, making them a practical alternative for commuters who wear a suit or dress to work.
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