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Immersive in-vehicle audio

We're building on decades of award-winning in-car audio expertise to bring studio sound quality to your vehicle, creating a more enjoyable experience for drivers and passengers alike.

Engineering expertise has placed Panasonic at the forefront of the fast-growing market for equipment that delivers information and entertainment to motorists. In fact, Panasonic is the world’s leading developer and producer of innovative digital and electronic products for consumer, business and industrial use. 

Panasonic Automotive takes a unique approach found nowhere else in the industry; leading-edge audio expertise combined with an unprecedented degree of artistry in reproducing sound, to create a listening experience that elicits emotion. The result has led to award-winning audio products recognized as some of the best in the industry.

Integrated audio solutions

Panasonic continues to push the boundaries of audio engineering, with custom, integrated solutions for our OEM partners that bring the studio listening experience to the mobile environment.

ELS Studio 3D®

The high performing ELS STUDIO systems bring the precision-crafted audio performance of a recording studio to the cabin.
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Fender Premium Audio

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Klipsch Premium Audio

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DJX 3D surround logo

DJX surround sound technology

The latest addition to our audio innovations portfolio, DJX uses newly-developed 3D upmix technology that processes ordinary two-channel stereo and outputs 5.1 surround sound to center, L/R front and L/R rear speakers and a subwoofer. Powered by a proprietary algorithm, DJX envelops the listener in a more refined and immersive listening environment while enhancing a sense of cabin spaciousness.

Panasonic Exciter audio component

Panasonic Exciter and Honda bring a new dimension to the tailgate experience

Exciter takes car audio beyond the cabin interior and turns any linear surface – sheet metal or glass, for example – into a powerful speaker. Panasonic Exciter technology is featured in the acclaimed Honda Ridgeline RTL-E in the form of its truck-bed audio system. Six Exciters hidden behind the Ridgeline’s bed liner turn both side walls and the bulkhead into a dynamic speaker providing the ultimate tailgating amenity. Panasonic engineered the system to draw minimal power enabling the Ridgeline speaker to play for up to three hours. It’s also waterproof with no compromise in bed ruggedness so Ridgeline owners can crank up the Rolling Stones after hauling a load of gravel.