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Elevate your senses

Our innovative vision and sensing technologies are allowing drivers to see today’s roads more clearly, increasing safety and improving situational awareness.

Harnessing decades of imaging technology, Panasonic is making cars safer and more efficient with camera systems that capture both what’s on the road and in the cabin by employing sophisticated algorithms that help drivers interpret what they’re seeing.

Our exterior camera systems improve driver situational awareness by giving them unprecedented, 360-degree surround views with innovative, image-stitching technology that provides an uninterrupted, panoramic view of their environment – especially helpful for large trucks. Additionally, an intelligent rear-view mirror replaces the traditional reflective mirror with a camera-fed display, eliminating blind spots caused by pillars or the heads of rear-seat passengers while highlighting pedestrians and other potential safety hazards.

We’ve also developed interior camera systems that monitor a driver’s eyes and can detect when object fixation is occurring and otherwise ensure attention is being paid to the road ahead. Panasonic cameras can detect the number of passengers and seating arrangements which then trigger optimal point-to-point communication through the car’s audio system. Airbags facing empty seats are automatically disabled without reliance on seat sensors.

As a global leader in consumer imaging technology – our award-winning LUMIX line of consumer and professional cameras continues to garner international acclaim – Panasonic has the advantage of vertically-integrated manufacturing with demonstrable engineering expertise making our teams better able to offer a tailored approach to the needs of our OEM partners with customized, space-saving camera packages that help control costs.