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It’s time to rethink everything, to rewrite the rulebook, to expand the stories we’re telling and bring you the brightest minds the tech world has to offer. It’s time for a fresh take on how technology and creativity are changing the way work gets done. This is The Big REthink.


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A College President on How to Transform Higher Education for a New Era

September 16, 2020

Amid school closures and the widespread move to remote learning, colleges are racing to find new ways to connect with students. On Episode 31, Dr. Michael John McDonough, president of Raritan Valley Community College in New Jersey, shares some of the challenges that he and his faculty have faced and how they’re working to meet them. From hybrid modalities of online and in-person learning to finding new ways to assess students’ coursework mastery, he discusses the opportunity to upend how we think of higher education and how it can be more useful for students, industry and society at large.


Signature Verification Technology’s Role in the 2020 Election

September 2, 2020

Starting in 2016, approximately 25% of voters in the U.S. submitted their ballots by mail. This November, that number is expected to jump by 50%, posing major hurdles for counties that have traditionally counted ballots by hand. On this week’s episode, Fred Scherman, National Sales Manager - Scanners at Panasonic, joins host Barry Ross to discuss signature verification technology and how it can create significant efficiencies for election officials amid unprecedented numbers of mail-in ballots and pandemic-driven staffing restrictions. Through scanning both sides of ballots, batch-sorting and enhanced record keeping, Fred shares how the technology can help streamline ballot-counting and support elections in this new context.


How Restaurants Are Meeting the Challenges of a Market Transformed

August 19, 2020

The global pandemic has impacted every facet of daily life, but few sectors have been as affected as food service. On the latest episode of The Big REthink, Agnes Sowa, Senior Program Manager at Panasonic Digital Solutions Center, joins host Barry Ross to discuss how some restaurants have adapted despite massive changes to how they do business. She shares one approach that’s allowing kitchens to simultaneously meet the increased demand for takeout and remain attentive to customers who still pick up or dine in person – all while ensuring the maximum safety of guests, staff and delivery workers amid the next normal.


Meet your hosts

Headshot of Barry Ross

Barry Ross

Barry Ross is both a product manager and a product marketer who has developed and marketed technology targeting consumer and enterprise use cases for over 28 years. As one of your hosts, his focus on The Big REthink is how technology is constantly changing the way work gets done across various industries and professions.

Headshot of Susan Campbell

Susan Campbell

Susan Campbell is a tech enthusiast, she’s happiest launching new products & services and trying new things. Named by Marketo a “Fearless50” marketer in 2020, Susan is obsessed with the marketing tech stack and optimizing the marketing processes to gain efficiencies and improve yield. As one of the hosts, her focus on The Big REthink is how work is changing and how to tap into that change for growth.

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