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The Big REthink Podcast

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REthinking the world around us

It’s time to rethink everything, to rewrite the rulebook, to expand the stories we’re telling and bring you the brightest minds the tech world has to offer. It’s time for a fresh take on how technology and creativity are changing the way work gets done. This is The Big REthink.


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Why Skills-Training Programs Are Crucial to the Future of Manufacturing

June 2, 2021

By 2025, the U.S. manufacturing industry could be down 2 million workers, with older employees leaving the industry and younger generations looking to step in, though often without sufficient training. On this episode of The Big REthink, Conrad Mercurius, coordinator of Raritan Valley Community College’s Advanced Manufacturing program, joins host Susan Campbell to explain how institutions like his are tailoring their skills-training curricula to meet manufacturers’ needs and why new technology training isn’t always needed.


How Can Tech and Media Companies Capture Millennials’ Attention?

May 19, 2021

Contrary to their stereotype, Millennials are savvy, especially when it comes to the ways they use technology and consume media. Companies are catching on, and developing new strategies to capture this crucial market’s attention. On this episode of The Big REthink, Kate Ward, co-founder of Bustle and founder and CEO of The Dipp, joins host Brian Rowley to explain how. They also discuss niche fandom and the value of authenticity.


What Does it Take to Keep Today’s Increasingly Mobile Workforce Connected?

May 5, 2021

Around the world and across sectors, a rapidly growing number of workers are dependent on mobile devices to do their jobs. Yet research shows that, on a weekly basis, 50 percent of workers experience technological issues that get in the way of their work. Why is that number so high, and what challenges do IT professionals face when it comes to troubleshooting and preventing problems? On this episode of The Big REthink, Gary Lee, chief revenue officer for B2M Solutions, joins host Barry Ross to discuss. Plus, they consider the impact of technological issues on businesses’ bottom line and the consumer experience.


Meet your hosts

Headshot of Barry Ross

Barry Ross

Barry Ross is both a product manager and a product marketer who has developed and marketed technology targeting consumer and enterprise use cases for over 28 years. As one of your hosts, his focus on The Big REthink is how technology is constantly changing the way work gets done across various industries and professions.

Headshot of Susan Campbell

Susan Campbell

Susan Campbell is a tech enthusiast, she’s happiest launching new products & services and trying new things. Named by Marketo a “Fearless50” marketer in 2020, Susan is obsessed with the marketing tech stack and optimizing the marketing processes to gain efficiencies and improve yield. As one of the hosts, her focus on The Big REthink is how work is changing and how to tap into that change for growth.

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