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REthinking the world around us

It’s time to rethink everything, to rewrite the rulebook, to expand the stories we’re telling and bring you the brightest minds the tech world has to offer. It’s time for a fresh take on how technology and creativity are changing the way work gets done. This is The Big REthink.


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Community-Based Art Meets Projection Mapping in a Former Rust Belt City

May 17, 2023

Each year for two nights in September, downtown Binghamton, NY, transforms from a business district into a wonderland of immersive storytelling, projection mapping, and magic under the stars. The annual LUMA festival kicked off in 2015 and has since become a focal point for the city, attracting thousands of locals and tourists to take in the experience. On this episode of The Big REthink, LUMA founders Tice Lerner and Joshua Bernard Ludzki join host Susan Campbell to discuss what inspired the festival, the hurdles and triumphs of producing a grassroots event, and the power of art and technology to build community.


A New Frontier: Possibilities –and Perils– of Using NFTs in Marketing

May 3, 2023

What, exactly, is web3? What are NFTs again? And how do they relate to marketing, content, and brand-building? On this episode of The Big REthink, host Barry Ross speaks with Jason Keath, co-founder of Social Fresh and Sofresh Labs, about exactly what these technologies are and how innovations in blockchain and infrastructure can inform marketing strategies now and down the line. Plus, he talks about how a luxury brand bounced back from an early NFT misstep to pioneer and showcase new ways of collaborating with and engaging consumers.


AV Experience Series: The Practical Magic of Immersive Theme Park Experiences

April 19, 2023

Theme park attractions wow visitors with their thrilling, immersive experiences, which meld together lighting, video, sound, and motion. Behind the scenes, big-thinking creative designers and pragmatic engineers have to work together to make it all happen. On this episode of The Big REthink, Brent Pritchett, VP of Systems Integration for 4Wall Entertainment, joins host Susan Campbell to explain how he and his team—who specialize in lighting systems integration for theme park attractions and entertainment facilities—use technology to bring those big creative visions to life. He also reveals two of his own favorite theme park attractions and describes the impressive technologies behind both.


Meet your hosts

Brian Rowley Headshot

Brian Rowley

Brian Rowley is the vice president of marketing at Panasonic Connect North America. Brian is highly attuned to understanding and solving for customer pain points. He knows that for businesses to be successful, they need to be relevant, agile and fearless – and deliver on the human experience to create more meaningful connections, a sense of community, and foster loyalty. Brian is passionate about building teams that are open to growth and learning, as great customer experiences start with great teams.

Headshot of Susan Campbell

Susan Campbell

Susan Campbell is marketing group manager at Panasonic Connect North America, where she leads a team that develops and manages innovative B2B digital marketing strategies. As an accomplished marketing professional – named a “Fearless50” marketer by Marketo in 2020 – Susan always puts the customer story first, and is passionate about how work is changing and how to tap into that change for growth.

Headshot of Barry Ross

Barry Ross

Barry Ross is the group manager of product marketing and wireless strategy at Panasonic Connect North America. Barry is an expert in building and marketing wireless platforms, leading a team focused on promoting consumer and enterprise customer success. Barry is passionate about the ever-changing technology landscape, and how it’s transforming the way work gets done.

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