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Telecom Technology Solutions from Panasonic

Keeping critical network infrastructure up and running

From energy management solutions that ensure network availability and reduce costs, to rugged equipment trusted by those on the front lines, our solutions are powering the telecommunications industry.

Improving telecom operations through smart technologies and strategic partnerships

Maintaining cellular and WiFi reliability is an energy-intensive endeavor to begin with – and power consumption is only expected to rise as consumer demand increases. At Panasonic, we’ve long been committed to helping the industry enhance communications infrastructure for more efficient and cost-effective operation.

Up to 50% reduction in power OPEX for global Green Tower customers since 2012

Sustainable energy solutions for mobile operators and tower companies

Green Tower™, our energy management platform, is a comprehensive solution that combines powerful lithium-ion storage with intelligent remote management and solar power generation. It’s nothing less than a paradigm shift from traditional static power systems to remotely monitored intelligent infrastructure. Requiring virtually no capital outlay, Green Tower can help:

  • Eliminate energy supply downtime with advanced energy management and network redundancy
  • Ensure network resiliency beyond grid power with battery storage
  • Enable customers to reduce costs with its Energy-as-a-Service (EaaS) model
The Green Tower platform is designed to bolster the resiliency of legacy wireless network infrastructure and meet increasing demands for improved performance and anywhere, anytime wireless access.

A smart partnership with an expert in network management and connectivity

Good things happen when innovative companies work together, so we’re especially proud of our EaaS collaboration with Ericsson. Using big data-based analytics, energy management software and lithium-ion energy storage, this smart utility solution will provide an efficient way to intelligently measure, monitor and maintain energy infrastructure.

Our unified solution minimizes the energy costs and other resources required to manage sites. For mobile operators, enterprises and governments, this could mean up to a 20% reduction in total cost of ownership of energy equipment.

Our strategic relationship with Panasonic will deliver significant OPEX savings from higher network availability.
Bradley Mead Head of Managed Services & Network Design Optimization, Ericcson

Information and communication technology for the field

For telecom workers who need to stay connected to the home office, we offer the Panasonic Network, an industrial-grade satellite communications network that delivers the highest levels of security, network reliability and throughput for day-to-day business communications. With our firsthand industry knowledge, we deliver solutions that scale to fit your operations as they expand in scope and duration.

Tough enough for telecom

On the ground, equipping field workers with Toughbook® devices ensures superior connectivity. Built to withstand hostile weather and field conditions, these rugged devices are durable enough to go wherever your crews need to be.

Through innovation and dedication to your unique challenges, Panasonic is bringing new levels of energy efficiency, cost savings and worker productivity to the telecom industry.

Telecom tech for smart, sustainable cities

Telecom tech for smart, sustainable cities

Telecom forms the backbone that supports IoT, including the responsive infrastructure for smart cities. By collaborating to improve system resilience and connectivity uptime for customers in the utility, transport and public safety sectors, Panasonic and Ericcson are moving us toward smarter, more sustainable cities.