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Computers, Tablets & Handhelds - Get Service & Support

How to Get Service & Support for TOUGHBOOK Computers, Tablets or Handhelds

If a unit fails to operate during the warranty period and in accordance with the standard warranty, the unit will be repaired and returned with not cost for labor, parts, or shipping. To order spare parts, call 1-888-808-4835.

To get support, please follow the simple steps below:

  1. Contact Panasonic TOUGHBOOK Technical Support by calling 1-800-LAPTOP5. Typical hold time is less than one minute, and technicians based in the United States who are managed and trained by Panasonic provide support. This team is dedicated to the Panasonic TOUGHBOOK product line. Calls can be placed from more than 150 countries in the world using AT&T 800 Direct service.
  2. A technician will enter the caller and product data into the database system, determine the warranty status, and try to assist in resolving the issue during the call.
  3. IN-WARRANTY REPAIRS - Once a qualified in-warranty hardware failure is determined, a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number will be issued:
    1. If the problem can be resolved by replacement of an item accessible to the caller — for example, battery, AC adapter, hard drive (most models), CD/DVD drive (some models), memory module (some models) — a Priority Exchange will be set up and a replacement device shipped overnight to the designated location so you are up and running the next business day. The defective item is returned to the Panasonic National Service Center (NSC). Panasonic pays shipment in both directions.
    2. If the unit needs to be returned for repair, the unit can be shipped, pre-paid, by Panasonic to the NSC for repair and return. More than 80% of repairs are completed within two business days of receipt at the NSC. All units are thoroughly quality control checked before they are shipped back to the customer to virtually eliminate repeat failures
  4. OUT-OF-WARRANTY REPAIRS - If a unit is determined to be out of warranty but repair is required, the unit may be shipped pre-paid by the owner to the NSC.
    1. a. An evaluation fee will be required to diagnose the repair so an estimate can be made of the total cost of repair.
    2. NSC will contact the customer for approval of the repair estimate, which includes labor, parts, shipping, handling and any taxes, before repairs are made.
    3. Once approved and payment terms are accepted, the unit is repaired and returned to the customer.