Why smart lockers for food service​?

Tech enabled, people-powered food lockers offer convenience, ensure food quality, and security to maximize restaurant off-premises sales.

Off-Premise Dining Solution

Empower your customers through a dedicated take-out solution for the fast-growing off-premise dining segment. Food Locker technology from Panasonic provides guests with an easy and secure option to pick up orders at peak freshness, all in a dedicated space.


Integrated pick-up

Install in a restaurant or communal space and create a dedicated area for take-out orders. In a fast-casual setting, a Panasonic food locker bank can elimiate any bottleneck in dine-in or counter service operations. In a communal setting, with a bank of Panasonic food lockers, the delivery is housed in the hardware, increasing the building’s safety.


No more order confusion

No more upset phone calls from customers who grabbed the wrong brown bag off of the bookcase because they couldn't read the receipt stapled to it. Panasonic Food Lockers can only be opened by the customer with the corresponding order code. Simply scan the code and your locker will open. Once you take your food and close the door, the process is complete.


Platform agnostic

We can get started as a standalone addition in your restaurant without any integration or let Panasonic Food Locker hardware integrate with your native ordering system, as well as popular app-based delivery platforms.


Expand sales, not your footprint

A compact design allows you to elevate your take-out and delivery volume without taking from the space needed for the rest of your operation. Our team will work with you to determine how many lockers best suit a particular space.