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One Source for Hardware Deployment, Installation and Maintenance


Keep Your Technology Investment Running Seamlessly

The Panasonic Connect Professional Services Group is a U.S.-based network of repair centers, engineers, and industry experts ready to work with you to install, deploy and maintain the right technology to keep your operation running smoothly. Whether we’re setting up a single location, multiple locations across the country, or engaging in long-term service and support, you can count on the industry’s most reliable team to provide a seamless experience.


Installation & Deployment Services:

  • Installation – Plan your technology needs and coordinate on-site installation
  • Configuration Services – Hardware is configured to be field-ready right out of the box
  • Kitting Services – Fulfillment service that packages separate items a final product
  • Field Service Technicians - On-site support on-site & remote-assisted deployment

Call Center:

  • 24/7/365 Support – Experienced Technicians available via Phone, Email or Chat
  • Multi-Tier Support – Tiered support organized into three different levels
  • Hardware Agnostic Support – Service for Panasonic and non-Panasonic products
  • Multilingual Agents – English, Spanish, French (Canadian), and Portuguese

Service Depot & Repair Center:

  • Repair Services – Restoration of equipment to its original function
  • Hot Spare Service – Provision and ship replacement units in an expedited manner
  • Component Level PCB Repair – Faulty components on system boards are replaced
  • Device Recycling & Data Destruction – Equipment recycling, digitally and physically destroying data

Managed Professional Services:

  • Custom Image Deployment – Apply custom image to any hardware device
  • Image Management – Store and update your images; apply the latest version prior to shipping
  • Data Capture – Customizable service to capture and report any point of data
  • Logistical Solutions – Provide storage and pick & pack services of your inventory
  • Life Cycle Management – Provide solutions throughout entire product life cycle, including deployment, maintenance, and recycle
  • Custom Branding – Apply high quality, durable branded labels to hardware
  • Remote Monitoring – Virtually monitor customer’s IT systems, endpoints, and networks
  • Remote Operational Capability - Business continuity in the event of a natural disaster, power outage, or other unforeseen event

Data Analytics:

  • Failure Analytics – Collection and analysis of data to determine failure causes
  • Extensive Repair Data Tracking - Compile vast amounts of data points

Featured Services:

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