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Each day comes with its own set of challenges and every day you show up with resilience and unwavering determination. It’s our honor to show up for you by creating mobile solutions that help you take on whatever the day throws at you—solutions that are as tough as you are.


To optimize the efficiency of your warehouse, workers need smart, automated and accurate inventory and order fulfillment systems. Panasonic mobile solutions and industry-leading software and services enable every picker, packer and inventory control manager to reduce costs, increase productivity and play a role in transforming your distribution center.

icon manage inventory

In a large warehouse, quick inventory storage and retrieval can be a daunting challenge. Data-driven direction for every pick, pack and put-away helps your workforce process orders faster and more accurately.

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icon move merchandise

Handheld devices slow down forklift drivers. Using ergonomically correct, vehicle mounted mobile computing systems gives workers the flexibility and versatility to optimize workflow, reduce delivery times and maximize their productivity.

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icon voice pick orders

Paper-based order picking is costly, error prone and slow. Hands-free voice picking that integrates with existing warehouse management systems helps fill orders faster, detect bottlenecks and allocate resources more efficiently.

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We're only as tough as the workers who use our products. For 25 years, they've inspired us to create more than just durable devices. The challenges they face have helped us craft smart solutions that get the job done. And no matter what comes next, workers can rely on TOUGHBOOK® to rise to the challenge of tomorrow.


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toughbook n1 tactical handheld

This Android® handheld features an angled, rear-facing barcode scanner, a camera, and video and speech-to-text features. Dual noise- and echo cancelling 100- decibel speakers are essential for loud warehouse environments.

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toughbook gz g1 tablet

Our thinnest 10.1” tablet runs Windows 10 Pro 64-Bit and offers an HD daylight-readable, gloved multi-touch display and digitizer pen. Use in the stock-room and on the sales floor. Options: standard and long-range barcode readers, including UHF-RFID to streamline order fulfillment in distribution centers.

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toughbook a3 tablet

The Panasonic TOUGHBOOK A3 is a rugged Android™ 10.1" tablet that has the flexibility to be used in all markets and is purpose built to get more out your day. Optional: integrated barcode reader and insertable smart card reader.

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Rugged Mobility for Business

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