State Government Technology Solutions from Panasonic

Helping state workers serve their residents better

A safer, more enjoyable place to live and work – it’s a commitment we share with our state government partners, from offering service personnel dependable equipment to reimagining infrastructure.

States looking to improve services for residents and staff look to Panasonic

Serving the public sector puts large demands on state resources. As an industry leader in partnering with government agencies, Panasonic has developed a range of forward-thinking solutions and tools to help states achieve their goals and maintain budgets.

Keeping administrators connected throughout every corner of the state

Whether work assignments take staff across town to meetings and court appearances, or across the county for site surveys, press conferences or hearings, they can stay in constant contact with their offices thanks to Panasonic mobile computers. With advanced wireless capabilities, the important government files and records they need are right at their fingertips.

5X LOWER FAILURE RATE in Toughbook devices annually compared to industry average

Our rugged laptop and tablet computers are built to survive life on the road. Long-lasting batteries ensure exceptional productivity, while durable design and shock-resistant drives keep knocks, drops and spills from taking their toll. These factors translate into maximum uptime for users and a superior return on investment for state agencies.

Protecting vast territories of park and recreation land

Park rangers are responsible for safeguarding valuable natural resources, all while serving the public who visit each day. Sometimes that means coordinating interagency emergency efforts. Sometimes it means preventing damage to infrastructure or park grounds, or heading off illegal activities such as poaching or drug dealing.

Rangers in state park systems often have limited personnel supporting them. Fortunately, they have our rugged technology on hand to help with everything from search-and-rescue to fire management.

While the work can be tough, using Panasonic’s tools is a walk in the park. Even across vast territories in harsh conditions with rough terrain, rangers can communicate efficiently with other agencies using our computers custom-mounted in their vehicles.

Together with our commercial surveillance systems, these devices make it easy to capture potential evidence on digital video, then wirelessly transfer it to a security operations center, in as few steps as possible.

Looking at many different vendors and thinking about ‘futureproofing’, we chose the Toughpad®. It’s the best mobile solution for us.
Josh Walther, Captain, Wyoming Highway Patrol

How government gets done

Panasonic is dedicated to helping state government create better places to work and live. To do that, we’re continually forming new partnerships, creating purpose-built technologies and helping agencies focus on better serving their citizens.

Cooperative purchasing helps states thrive

Cooperative purchasing helps states thrive

Cooperative purchasing can help states reduce cost by utilizing contracts competitively solicited and publicly awarded by another entity. Panasonic products, like Toughbook computers and video surveillance solutions, are available via the National Intergovernmental Purchasing Alliance Company (National IPA).