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AccuPulse 4.0 Transducerized New

Product details

Take fastening accuracy and quality manufacturing to a higher level with Panasonic’s next generation transducerized mechanical pulse tool. AccuPulse 4.0™ Series equips quality-conscious plants with the most advanced cordless mechanical pulse tools ever made. 

AccuPulse 4.0 offers advanced precision, comprehensive data collection and best-in-class reactionless ergonomics. Four onboard microcomputers and transducer intelligently manage torque sensing, motor control and wireless communication for an Industry 4.0 compatible assembly solution like no other.

Key features

  • One-hand cordless operation with no reaction for increased worker safety and freedom of movement
  • Durable high resolution non-contact torque sensor for reliable torque measurement
  • Patented torque traceability and torque curve detection algorithm for high accuracy
  • Double hammer mechanism for optimized torque calculations
  • Advanced programmable features for greater productivity and plant automation

Additional Features

  • Wireless 2-way communication
  • Data collection for monitoring torque, angle, time, OK,NOK, pulses, and graph
  • Eco-friendly, low maintenance, & energy efficient


Accupulse 4.0

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