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We chose the Panasonic N325 modules for the rooftop arrays for our Colrain, MA customer because many sections of roof area are heavily shaded. Using the high efficient Panasonic modules matched to Solar Edge P400 optimizers and the Solar Edge inverter allowed us to deploy sub arrays on separate roofs efficiently.
Installer: BPVS Berkshire Photovoltaic Services – Adams, MA

This solar homeowner in High Point, NC wanted as much solar generation on the garage as possible so they chose (24) Panasonic 325 watt solar panels. They added (8) more Panasonic 325 watt solar panels to the front of the home so everyone can see their solar system as they cruise by. This totals (32) Panasonic 325s for a 10.4kw net-metered solar system installed.
Installer: Green Power of NC - Raleigh, NC

This home features an 8.45kW, with a 26 – 325 watt panels, with a SolarEdge 7.6kW and Tesla battery compatible inverter. We specifically put panels on the front of the home so neighbors can see the solar panels from the street, many homes in this neighborhood are going solar in Durham, NC! The homeowner also has consumption monitoring through SolarEdge so he can see how much solar offset his Panasonic solar panels are producing every day from his phone on the free solar monitoring portal.
Installer: Green Power of NC – Raleigh, NC

This homeowner is in New Hill, NC, outside of Raleigh. He first purchased a (36) Hyundai 325 11.7kw system for his workshop in the back but wanted more efficient solar panel for his home system and chose (21) Panasonic 325 watt modules with SolarEdge Home Consumption Monitoring. He looks forward to another Panasonic installation with the 330 watt panels for his next project and adding lithium storage.
Installer: Green Power of NC – Raleigh, NC

This 98.8kW system, comprised of 304 - 325W Panasonic modules and 4 - 24kW SMA inverters, is operating atop an apartment building, 40-stories above the city of Honolulu! The building height (450’) and crowded rooftop presented challenges that the PhotonWorks Engineering team overcame by lifting all materials to the roof with a helicopter and elevating the PV array over the existing HVAC equipment with a custom 8' tall ISA solar trellis.
Installer: PhotonWorks Engineering LLP – Honolulu, HI

This installation is a 10.075 kW system featuring 31 x 325 watt panels using SolarEdge inverters and optimizers with monitoring located in El Dorado Hills, CA. Thanks to the high efficiency panels; the limited roof space was optimized with a system that covers most of the electric use and breaks even in <5 years!
Installer: SolarNorcal, LLC – Meadow Vista, CA

This project was a 7.475 KW job of 23 Panasonic 325W HIT modules with a SolarEdge SE7600 inverter with P400 optimizers. We installed 2 south facing arrays for optimal production. The customer can see their production through the solar edge app, as well as a separate production/consumption monitor we installed. They are able to see real time what they use and produce, and when they export to the grid.
Installer: Solaroo Energy – South Jordan, UT

Project #1 This installation included 28 Panasonic 325W HIT modules with a SolarEdge SE7600 inverter with optimizers. Metal Roof installation in Laguna Niguel, CA.
Installer: Infinity Solar, Inc. – Orange, CA

Project #2 This installation included 25 Panasonic 325W HIT modules in San Juan Capistrano Horse Country.
Installer: Infinity Solar, Inc. – Orange, CA