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FAQ Battery Storage


What is EverVolt™?

What makes EverVolt different from other energy storage systems on the market?

What are the applications of the EverVolt?

What is the difference between the DC-coupled and AC-coupled systems?

Do I need a solar system to use the EverVolt?

Is EverVolt compatible with all residential solar systems?

What is the warranty period on the EverVolt system?

Can I integrate an external generator with the EverVolt system?

What are the advantages of EverVolt over a generator?

Is the EverVolt system eligible for tax credits and incentives?

How long can I power my house with EverVolt? Can I power my air conditioners and well pumps with the EverVolt system?

Is the EverVolt system rated for indoor or outdoor applications?

Can I stack multiple EverVolt systems?

My question is not listed here. Who should I contact?